Posted by: anarchistbanjo | August 29, 2013

7th Degree Magickal Initiation


    OAK teaches that all of creation is formed out of the photon or light and it’s reciprocal electricity. The photon or light is an expansive outward movement and is considered “male” energy. Electricity on the other hand is an “inward” movement and is considered “female” energy.

The “Sun” is considered the creator of all life and recognized as such by all people of all times. In this manner the “Light” of the “Sun” is sacred and worthy of worship. OAK also reflects this thought in the consideration that everything is reducible to the photon. It might also be said that everything that exists is a “type of evolved photon”.

It is worth mentioning that there is a “hidden” sun behind the physical sun. This is the “black sun” that exists as a black hole at the center of our galaxy. This is symbolized as the cosmic mother or Goddess.

In like manner the sexual/bio-electrical energy within the human body is the creator of human life. This energy is generated during sexual arousal and floods the physical body before entering the astral planes.

This sexual/bio-electrical energy should be generated and “lifted” up into the “light” as a sacred act of devotion in which the “lesser” light is lifted up to become one with the “greater” light.

The student should on a daily basis generate this sexual/bio-electrical energy and channel it upwards toward the spiritual light. Thus will the aspirant become a store house of this energy and a magnet for more subtle magickal energies drawing to him or herself spiritual encounters of a higher nature.

This might be seen as auto-erotic devotion and worship of the sexual/bio-electrical energy generated through sexual activity and circulated upward toward the spiritual light.

Crowley sees this as a form of Phallus worship in which the phallus and sperm are seen as objects of devotion instead of the sexual/bio-electrical energy itself. They are symbols of the “lesser light”. While his message is distorted, the effect is the same in that the initiate is encouraged in auto-erotic practices through worship and veneration of the phallus.

In worshiping the phallus, the real work of generating sexual/bio-electrical is begun creating magickal strength in the practitioner and magically attracting secret events of a higher more spiritual nature that can only be hinted at. (meaning of course the beginning of sexual succubus like experiences and culminating in the “birth” of an “astral child”. This self-begotten astral body is the beginning of the creation of the “immortal” body and of magickal power.)

The summary of this degree is simply that generation of sexual energy on a constant basis is cumulative and will propel one toward the needed experiences for additional soul development.


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