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Left Hand vs. Right Hand Paths



Magickal Initiation involves the gradual development of the soul and its natural powers. The soul consists of several different types of energy. These are Abstract Spiritual (unity),Concrete Spiritual (intuitive),Abstract Mental (philosophical),Concrete Mental (perceptive),Upper Emotional (love),Lower Emotional (Anger),Sexual (sexuality), Physical (competency).

To become a complete person each of these energies and areas must be fully developed through intense effort and the generation of that particular type of energy.

This process is mechanical and cumulative in nature. Once a specific type of energy is fully developed an astral body is created out of that energy and the powers of that energy are available. Activity then progresses to the next level of development automatically.

In this respect the Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path follow similar methods and strive toward a common goal. The common goal is the synthesis of all these energies into an integrated healthy individual with an immortal soul that will carry on beyond the death of the physical body.

The differences between these paths are profound. The Right Hand Path connects with spiritual energy and works from the top downward in mystical experiences or illuminations. It involves condensing spiritual energy gradually into physical energy. If you think about something long enough you will become emotional about it. If you become emotional enough about something you will be compelled to act upon those feelings. This describes the method used and includes prayer and meditation.

The Hallmark of the Right Hand Path is the integrity of the individual ego. You always remain yourself even though who you are may change drastically as you incorporate new beliefs and experiences. This path takes much longer and has difficulty with physical manifestations. Its focus is inner personal transformation and integration with the universe by adaptation.
The Left Hand Path connects with physical energy and works with physical competency upwards to the spiritual levels. The traditional martial arts are examples of this type of training.

The Hallmark of the Left Hand Path is physical manifestation through physical competency. You do what ever it takes to make things manifest even if those things go against your inner nature. There is always a sense of being compromised as you loose part of who you are to become who you want to be. The focus is to manifest physical change through acts of will.
At the highest levels a Master of the Right Hand Path will assist all students to become unique individuals. He will help them collectively through the formation of groups.
A Master of the Left Hand Path will choose one student to transfer his power to and at the death of his physical body will attempt to “possess” the physical body of his chosen student. He will form groups to find the appropriate vehicle.


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The Suggestive Universe



Before I get down into working with magickal energies I would like to share this most important concept. The universe is suggestive and tends to do what is expected. What you expect to find has a greater possibility than what you don’t expect.

Physicists are finding that their own expectations seem to influence what happens on the subatomic level.

People are very suggestive and tend to comply with what other people ask unless they have a good reason not to. There is a natural instinct to comply with external authorities. This is survivalist in nature. “Do what you are told or else”.

The Rosicrucians teach that you may petition the Cosmic and it will respond as long as what you ask for is 51% unselfish. That means it will benefit others just as much or a little more than it will benefit you.

Where does all this leave us? In all magickal work it is very important to have a strong and vivid image of what you desire. Even more importantly you need to ask for it! You need to ask the Cosmic and you need to ask people. If you are not letting others know what you want how can they let you have it or give it to you?

It is good magickal practice every day to clearly state what you want and let people know why it is in their own best interests as well. If you do this deliberately every day it will become a habit and the results will begin to flow toward you magickally!

I’ve seen the greatest results in my marriage. By clearly expressing things to my spouse there is greater understanding and greater mutual support. It helps her to understand me better and I listen to what she wants and gain a greater understanding of what is important to her.
It feels good to know what is important to someone else and be able to do that for them.
Think back over what happened yesterday. Did you specifically ask in prayer or meditation for something you desired? If you didn’t why not? Your intuition can guide you to find the opportunities that seek but you need to listen to it.
Did you specifically state to someone else just what you wanted or did you let a tangled communication slide and not bother making it right? Every time we allow this someone walks away with a wrong understanding of us and what we want.
The last part of this message is about listening to the feedback we are getting from both the universe and from other people. If the universe and other people are saying “no, I’m not going to let you have that” we need to understand why.
There are areas in our lives that are “cursed”. We repel what we want no matter how hard we try. The only way to break that curse is through old fashioned competency and doing things the hard way.
The needed actions come out of our blind spots and the only way to progress is through trial and error. There are lots of errors because we instinctively choose the wrong things and do the wrong things. This can’t go on forever though. If we learn from our mistakes we gradually figure out what we are doing wrong and make corrections. This means becoming more realistic.
Just remember the brick wall manifests when we are going in the wrong direction even if we are convinced it is the right direction. Perhaps the need is to go around some obstacle that is in the way and not through it.
The greatest magick empowerment comes from changing curses into blessings. At the same time it is important to take a rest from the fight once in awhile and smell the roses in your garden. Don’t forget the areas in your life that are blessed. They are more than willing to cooperate with you. They will give you the peace to remain centered and to continue.

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Curses and Blessings



Have you ever felt like there was an area in your life that was cursed? No matter what you did or how hard you tried nothing would go right for you. I know you have felt that way because we all have and we all do.

There is a dual quality to the magickal universe. When energy flows in one direction something else comes in to take its place. Nature does not allow a vacuum.

I look around the house and see electrical outlets everywhere. The wires run inside the walls where I can’t see them. Guess what’s running inside the wires? Electricity? Much more than electricity! Magnetic fields radiate from the wires. There is a pulsing you can almost hear. It’s called the 60 cycle hum and if you’ve ever gotten a shock from it you will recognize the feeling.

But the biggest thing I want to point out is the type of electricity that runs through the walls and literally encases us in a magickal magnetic web. I’m talking about alternating current! The current flows in both directions back and forth. First it’s positive, then it’s negative.

Alternating current is a form of vibratory energy and the entire physical universe as well as the magickal universe consists largely of alternating current and magnetic force lines or astral cords.

Like the yin/yang symbol that is half male and half female the energy that flows through us is half outward expansive energy and half inward constricting energy. This is how nature keeps in balance. Life contains both and is bitter-sweet. Living a magickal life is bitter-sweet.

No matter what we do there are certain things we can’t get because we repel them. Other things we don’t want are attracted to us. Is that our curse? To repel the things we want and attract the things we don’t want? Is that what life is about?

Magically speaking it is possible to attract the things we want and repel the things we don’t want but it is very hard work to reach that stage of magickal development. It requires a complete reversal of the energy flow within us.

That means learning to see curses as blessings and blessings as curses.

Curses are opportunities to become aware of our weaknesses and work on them. They hit where we are the most vulnerable and not where we are strong. The only way to become strong is to develop our weak areas. This is what curses make us do. We struggle against them and learn from our mistakes. With trial and error we develop competency and then mastery. When that happens the curse is broken. It can’t harm us anymore. The weak link becomes just as strong as the rest of the chain.

Blessings attract things to us that we haven’t earned. They make life too easy and we take things for granted. Because things are so easy we don’t try very hard. The simple truth is magickal development is about effort. If things are too easy we will not develop magickally.

In all of this there is both bad news and good news.

The bad news is there will always be magickal energy flowing against you. There will always be curses. The good news is there will always be energy flowing in your favor. There will always be blessings. This is the alternating current effect and it fills the entire universe. You can’t get away from it. Life is bitter-sweet. Get used to it. Learn to love it.

How can you enjoy prosperity when those you love and care about are going through hard times? This is only an example. What good is having fancy toys to play with if there is no one to share them with you?

When one goal is reached another will take it’s place. When one fear is confronted another will take its place as well. The answer lies not in the destination but in the quality of life along the way!


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Magickal Energy




So far we have discussed several types of energy.  Spiritual energy is tapped by use of the energy ball extended above the head.  Earth energy is tapped by use of the energy ball forced deep into the center of the earth.

Sexual energy is tapped by flooding the physical and astral body with waves of pleasurable energy before and during orgasm.  This energy is accumulative as are spiritual and earth energies.

Etheric energy is that energy at the low end of the elemental scale.

The astral planes surrounding the earth can only hold a finite amount of energy of any type.  During the lunar cycle it will squeeze any excess energy out of the astral planes in the form of physical events or force opposing types of energy together in a destructive matter/anti-matter type of action that destroys both types of energy.

As your energy enters the earth’s astral planes and begins to fill them, the energy will be repelled away from you and used by others for their own purposes. This means that you will enter a period where very little is happening to you but quite a bit is happening to others that are using your energy to form physical events that they want.  Your energy is harmonizing with other peoples energy by altering its frequency and nature to suit them.  When it encounters other types of energy it is the weaker and alters itself to merge with that of others.

Gradually your energy will strengthen and other energies will alter as they merge with yours.  At each new contact there will be a brief struggle that determines which energy will change and which energy will remain the same.  As long as your energy alters easily any thing created by you can be easily manipulated,  taken,  or destroyed by others.

In time you will be able to create astral events of your own but they will resist becoming physical events for you.  Others may try to alter these events to suit themselves and you may be forced to defend your astral creations.

Magical energy is astral energy that is linked to physical reality through connections to the earth’s south pole magnetic vortex and tends to become physical reality.  Spirit energy is astral energy linked to physical reality through connections to the earth’s north pole magnetic vortex and tends to dissipate into the cosmic.

The best way to think of these two types of energy  is by saying that the astral levels in the northern hemisphere surrounding the magnetic north pole are made of Spirit energy.  The astral levels surrounding the magnetic south pole in the southern hemisphere are made of Magical energy.  In reality each type of energy encircles the entire earth forming two entirely separate astral planes.  Spirit energy forms the outer and higher astral planes.  It contains all elemental energies from the spiritual energies to the etheric energies and tries to dissipate them.

In the same manner Magical energy forms the inner astral planes that surround the earth and contains spiritual and etheric energies.  Magical energy is intended to become physical reality and will eventually do so unless it is somehow destroyed.  Often the shape it takes in becoming physical reality  is totally different that what it started out as.  Magical energy has a tremendous ability to adapt and mutate into something unrecognizable.

The Spirit astral planes that surround the earth deal with long term and projected events.  All superfluous material is stripped away until only the pure isolated event is left.  The Spirit astral planes determine which key events and individuals are the most important  and must be allowed to happen as physical reality.  In this respect the Spirit planes rule over the Magical planes.  These key events are critical and will be allowed to become physical reality without the distortion and mutation of pure Magical energy because they are powered by Spirit energy  even after they drop down into the Magical planes and into the fixed etheric levels there.

To ensure that your astral creations become physical reality the way you intend them to they must be created in the Spirit planes and then brought down into the Magical planes.  This is done naturally within the lunar cycle.  Astral activity in the Magical planes is restricted to those times between 1st Qtr.  and 3rd Qtr. inclusive of the full moon.  All dream activity and all normal astral activity during this time will naturally occur on the Magical planes.  This astral activity sets up the coming physical events for the next month as projected short term events.

All normal astral activity between the 3rd Qtr. and the 1st Qtr.  inclusive of the new moon occurs naturally within the Spirit planes and sets up long term physical events.  When there is a match between a long term event in the Spirit planes and a short term event in the Magical planes that event becomes physical reality.  This interaction between the Spirit planes and the Magical planes is the supreme controller of significant physical events in physical reality.

Simple astral activity on only the Magical planes will mutate to the point where you may get what you want and lose something that you need.  It always has a negative element that accompanies it.  You may get a raise and find that emergency expense comes up.  The final result is always that you haven’t really gained or lost anything.  You merely exchange one type of energy for another. Striving for positive things will tend to bring negative things toward you. Paradoxically striving for negative things will bring positive things toward you. This is why doing harm to others often brings positive rewards to those that do it.

In the same manner doing anything that you normally would not do will tend to bring rewards in terms of personal growth.  Nature does not recognize good or evil but is instead interested in exploring all options that life has to offer.  It rewards those that try new things and punishes those that seek security and sameness.

There are three methods of using simple astral activity on only the Magical plane to achieve positive results.  One is through personal loss,  when you lose something that you care about a void is created that will draw something toward you to replace it with.

The second is through giving something away that you care about. The principle is the same except that by voluntarily giving something away that you care about you may draw something even more valuable toward you.  This is why the best gifts are when you give away something that you love.  It will always be replaced with something of equal or greater value.

The third way is to deliberately do something that you would not normally do.  This opens up new areas of personal growth and new opportunities.  It also contains a certain degree of uncertainty and unpleasantness that goes along with it.  This is why most people avoid this approach.

You can see that the Magical plane uses a type of reverse psychology that is difficult to adjust to.  But if it is understood properly much personal growth can come out of it without doing harm to others.   Only when used in conjunction with Spirit energy does Magical energy perform in a direct and creatively useful manner.

This is why working with straight Magical energy is called “black magic” and to be successful often leads to harmful activities towards others and abominable deeds.  This type of work also involves doing fearful things and confronting those fears.  It often involves perversions of the three positive methods of working with Magical energy listed above.

All Magical work involving rituals,  spells,  charms and the like will have a negative consequence to them that will return to haunt the magician unless the work is combined with Spirit energy or in accordance with the three positive techniques. The strongest magical circle may be thought to keep out these negative influences but it doesn’t really work.

What happens is that  the negative influences are blocked out of  conscious awareness and enter in through our blind spots as self destructive energies.  To think otherwise is simply to deny the dual aspect of these Magical energies and increase the hidden self-destructive potential within ourselves.

This is also true with organizational or group Magical workings.  The collective force of the group may think that it is shielding itself from this negative aspect but a cancer will start growing in the heart of the group itself even as it gets those physical things that it wants through Magical workings.  Everything will outwardly appear as very positive and dynamic but inwardly the self-destructive seeds will be sown with inevitable results.

Typically,  an established organization has a leader that as a Magus has perfected the causal link with physical reality and established an egregore for the organization.  It is this person’s influence that allows the entire group or organization to think that it’s Magical workings are effective.

The leader is given Magical energy by the others and gains power and through the causal link gets physical results.  As the others learn and master the leader’s technique their energy is returned to them and they personalize the leader’s technique to fit themselves as individuals.

Within these organizations all Magical energy is combined with Spirit energy within the egregore of the organization.  This confines all of the energies so that none may escape and allows them to build up past the chaotic phase and become new types of energy.  Still the dual nature of Magical energy remains and the student will be required to master many things that he or she would normally not do.  They will also learn to give time and energy freely to create a void that will bring even greater things in return.  These organizations will follow the positive methods of working with Magical energy.

To state this clearly,  Magical work will always be dual in nature when performed by itself.  Any physical event created in this manner will also create an opposite effect to balance it.

In contrast any Magical work combined with Spirit energies will resist becoming physical events until the Magus perfects a causal link between the Magical planes and physical reality.  This type of Magical work without the causal link to physical reality is a type of inner work that can be very important to the process of spiritual development.  Pure Magical work may create the illusion of working without the dual aspect but in reality it increases self-destructive potential.

Those that practice Magic in combination with Spirit energy often feel that true Magic is about personal inner growth and not about getting physical results. They feel that it is a spiritual thing and deals with helping others.

Pure “black” Magical work can best be seen in people that lie,  cheat, steal,  and harm others for personal gain.  They think such measures work but lose their humanity in the process.

The best method is to become a Magus as quickly as possible and perfect the causal link with physical reality.  In this way any rituals,  spells,  and charms will work as they are intended to.  The methods given in this book will help anyone to achieve this.  This achievement is not easily done and requires several years to accomplish.  In the meantime much progress can be made directly through the three positive methods of working with Magical energy.

Magical energy is a combination of male and female astral energy.  Too much male energy creates a destructive magical energy.  Too much female energy creates a blockage or restriction.  When the mix is perfectly half male and half female energy the magical energy can be molded easily into any shape or form desired.

Group magical energy shares the characteristics of all the people contributing to its formation.  This means that you can shape it the way that you want but someone else from the group can go behind you and alter it the way that they want.  Minor adjustments will be made by all group members until a common compromise shape is formed.  This will then be the final shape the energy will take. It will have a dual aspect to it or a compromise quality.

Any astral creation or event that is not phase-locked with soul mate energy can be altered by someone else.  Phase-locked magical energy can’t be tampered with by anyone else.  This makes this type of magical energy highly desirable. Once astral events have been created by this phase-locked energy they will happen sometime in the future.  They will happen to you and not any one else.

Unfortunately, sometime in the future means in your next future life! Phase-locked energies create events for your next life and not for this life. Opposites attract and like repels.  These phase-locked energies repel from you and your soul mate because they are like you.  They are you!  The type of life’s events that you will attract are those that you don’t want because they are not like you.

Mystical and spiritual types recognize this and they “accept” the things that happen to them as past karma.  They hope that living a “spiritual” life will create good karma for them in their next life.  “Accept today’s blessings and be thankful for them.  Live a good life and love each other.  You will get your reward in heaven or in your next life!”

As more sexual energy is forced into the earth’s astral planes you will gain the ability to block and prevent harmful events in your physical life.  This phase-locked energy still won’t become physical the way you want it to but it will prevent negative things from happening to you.  It becomes a defensive magical energy that can resist anything at all.

This is the great turning point where your magical will is stronger than the earth’s astral current.  It begins to accumulate in the Spirit astral layers and gain strength.

For the female this means that she can block out any unwanted influences in her physical life.  She begins the process of expelling unwanted energies.

For the male he forces his astral creation against that of others and the others are destroyed or impelled into physical events.  If destroyed they reform again above his astral creation helping to force his downward into the next level.  In this manner society gradually comes to help these phase-locked energies to become physical events.  Society gradually forces his energies into contact with those of his soul mate.

This is a long tedious process that takes place one astral contact at a time. Any possible obstacle or barrier will present itself to the male.  This is because the female is trying to rid herself of unwanted energies and she places them directly in his path as he tries to reach her.  In time she has no energies within herself except his and they will be drawn together to live the life that they both dreamed of living.

This entire process could take  years of constant daily additions of sexual energy.  While the process is very frustrating the final result is inevitable and a person’s attention should be drawn to other areas for maximum productivity in life.

For the male that has reached this point group magic workings may help him to get things in his life that would otherwise be repelled from him.  He can work magic for others and they can work magic for him.  What others astrally create for him can become physical reality.

In the same manner his phase-locked energy can be used as a catalyst to stimulate the development of others.  If they are blocked he can open those blocks for them.  He has the ability to pierce through all barriers, his or someone else’s.  He can use this time to teach others.

For the female, she can give away excess female energy to other females and help them to block off unwanted energies.  She becomes the guardian of other females lending them strength in times of need.  This of course means that he must generate even more sexual energy before they are joined together.

The final result of this is that the entire world benefits from your efforts. Others confront and release “black” energy in a safe manner that prevents “psychotic” behaviors and learn to defend themselves against unwanted energies and harmful experiences.

You will develop an astral body that can function on all levels of the astral planes.  This astral body will continue to gain in strength with each lunar cycle.  It will allow you to work with your soul mate to create astrally the type of life that you both want to live.

These energies will become phase-locked together so no one else can alter them.  This will also allow you to defend yourself against all unwanted persons or events and in time bring you and your soul mate together.

There is no need for ritual or spells or special equipment.  The mind will create astrally what is desired and it will be forced to become a physical event.  This is the most powerful type of magic that exists.

In reality what happens is that your personal beliefs will complicate and confuse the energy flows.  If you believe in ritual and special equipment the sexual energy will flow into those “patterns” and find any weak spots that will allow it to escape.  Experienced occultists will easily adapt the O.A.K. system to their own perfected system.  This will bring a dramatic increase in power and in results.

The total beginner that has not read any books on magic will be able to achieve without any problems also.  The ones that will have difficulty are those that have studied several traditions without mastering any of them.

This is not a serious difficulty because the energy will just flow into the earth’s astral planes until it is mastered.  It is essentially the same thing as having a sex partner.  Your development of the astral body will be delayed but it will eventually happen anyway.

It will happen because all phase-locked energy is accumulative.  It does not mix with other astral energies.  Since the earth’s astral plane will only hold a finite amount of energy at some point your phase-locked energy will be forced out of the astral planes if enough is accumulated.

At a critical point societies astral forces will aid your energy to become physical.  This is because society needs more astral space and it tries to eject yours to make room for its own.

When astral contact is made with your soul mate a “resonant” circuit is created that has a tremendous “tank” current.  With each astral contact the “tank” current becomes more powerful.  Each lunar cycle brings a dramatic increase in the amount of power and sexual energy that is drawn into the astral planes.  After this circuit is created a person would not need to daily add sexual energy into the astral. It would happen by itself during the lunar cycle.  But it would take longer.

Once this process is begun it will continue until it is finished.  In fact, this process will happen to every living thing on earth at some point because the astral energies at the highest and lowest points are being directed in such a way that soul mates will be drawn together and use each other as power sources.

The egregore of the new Eon is now active and supersedes all other egregores.  At the highest and lowest levels it is no longer possible to tap into “non” soul mate energy.  Magical traditions such as the Kabala will not work in the same manner as they once did because the egregore of the new Eon is now directing that energy before it reaches the kabalistic egregore.  They will instead be drawing energy directly from soul mates.  This will cause a dramatic activation of “black” energy throughout the world by a type of “instant” karma.

Efforts to help others will loosen the “black” energy and bring it into conscious awareness where it can be dealt with safely bringing increased positive energy to your soul mate.

Efforts to hurt others will instead hurt your soul mate and bring a like response in return.  This means that in an ever increasing manner we will see increased violence among violent people and increased peace among peaceful people.

People will have the choice of confronting their repressed fears and anger by safely bringing them up into awareness or continue to repress them until they become physical reality.  Either way a two-way flow of energy is beginning to flow between soul mates.  This energy flow will gradually  disentangle itself from everyone else’s energy and pull soul mates together by creating individual “resonant” circuits.

The O.A.K. system offers a safe and fast way to accomplish the purification of the mind and body and the reunion of true soul mates.  It offers a way to greatly accelerate the inevitable changes that must take place as we enter into a new and glorious age.


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Sexual Energy


In  chapter four we learned how to develop and use spiritual energies. These energies were used to purge the body and psyche of “black” energy that had been trapped and repressed within our physical bodies.

Working with spiritual energies is known as the lesser work since it doesn’t directly affect the environment but instead is a form an inner work that can be described as mysticism.  It’s effects are felt mainly within our psyches and the regeneration of our physical bodies.   The build up of stresses and energies acts within us instead of on our environment.

Working with physical and  sexual energies is known as the greater work and has a greater effect on our immediate environment because they are denser and closer to the earth.  This work involves direct interaction with the earth’s astral layers and our relationship to those layers that surround us.

It is also a continuation of the lesser work in that it purges the body and psyche of “black” energy of a very dense nature that is difficult for spiritual energy to release completely.  With these energies we attempt to build astrally the type of life that we want as well as defend ourselves from life’s events that we wish to avoid.  We attempt to establish a causal link between  the astral/etheric energies and physical reality.

For sake of clarification etheric energies and spiritual energies are also astral energies.  Astral energies range from the lightest spiritual energies as from the hydrogen element downward to the heaviest and most earthbound etheric levels and elements.  In like manner physical and sexual energies are types of etheric astral energy.

I use spiritual energy to describe astral energy that is at the higher end of the elemental scale and use etheric energy to describe astral energy at the lower end of the scale.  In this sense they are very generic terms meaning high and low forms of astral energy.

Physical energy is generated by physical activity.  Sexual energy is generated by sexual activity.  Emotional energy is generated by emotional activity. Mental energy is generated by mental activity.  All of these energies are astral energies or magnetic field energies of an inductive nature.

Male energy is any type of energy produced by a male.  Female energy is any type of energy produced by a female.

The entire subject of working with physical and sexual energies is very complex and must be taken a little at a time to ensure a proper understanding.  The procedure is very simple in itself and will be described fully within this chapter.

The greater work consists of both creating desired astral/etheric events and in destroying or altering harmful astral/etheric events before they become physical events.  This work is done in the “fixed” Akashic records as well as in the higher levels of the astral planes.  It is possible to alter the future that is embedded within the “fixed” etheric regions of the astral but it takes enormous amounts of energy to do this.  It requires the total disruption of these etheric levels.

It is much easier to prevent something bad from happening to you by forcing it up out of the “fixed” etheric levels and into the more subjective astral levels than it is to cause something specific to happen physically.  At any given level it takes more energy to go downward against resistance than it does to go upward against resistance.  Each lower level is a condensation of the one directly above it  and has more energy available to it than the one above it.

When these lower levels are totally disrupted in this manner there is a spectacular realignment on all levels that results in a forced resolution of the various issues of other people.  Large quantities of astral events become physical events while other astral events are destroyed.

This resolution allows room for new dynamics that are more advantageous to you.  It is much like hitting the reset button on a computer,  it starts all over from scratch taking into consideration your current strengths and weaknesses.

To do this one must be able to operate on all levels of the astral planes with full consciousness.  This requires that all 118 astral bodies must be activated into full awareness.  Then they must all be “phase-locked” together so they become in effect only one astral body.

Otherwise the stresses involved will not act on the earth’s astral planes but act inwardly to develop your own astral bodies.  This is why the lesser work is inner work.  All astral bodies must be activated and integrated before starting the great work of altering the earth’s astral levels.

The techniques given so far will allow activation of these bodies with spiritual energy but not with physical and sexual energies.  This means that by applying and mastering the techniques given in chapter one and chapter five anyone will have the ability to force bad things out of the “fixed” etheric levels.

It means that you can destroy or prevent that which seeks to harm you or minimize the effects of a bad situation so that personal growth can come out of it.  It does this by releasing these things from the fixed etheric levels and bringing these negative energies upward into awareness where they can be recognized and dealt with appropriately where they can do less harm.

Success with the techniques given in chapter five establish permanent connection to a “light” power source and an “earth” power source on a spiritual level.    After this is done astral contact must be made with your soul mate to act as a second power source.  This happens automatically as you open up to the solar and lunar cycles.

The energy ball meditations automatically develop all the astral bodies as described but the mechanics of how it works is complex.  For astral energy to be stable and able to form astral bodies it must be 50% male energy and 50% female energy.  Male energy by itself is expansive and uncontrollable.  Female energy by itself is restrictive and confining.  When mixed perfectly the astral material is stable and responsive to creative shaping and control.

The physical body can only produce one type of energy,  male or female depending on what sex it is.  It can not produce the opposite sex energy and must get it from someplace else.

In the energy ball meditations the energy ball is at first largely created by generating large amounts of one type of spiritual energy and creating a vacuum that attracts opposite sex spiritual energy.  This energy comes from anywhere that is available.  It comes from the environment and the collective in general.

As the meditations progress more and more opposite sex energy is required at deeper and deeper levels.  At the conclusion of those exercises your astral bodies are formed of 50% your energy and 50% opposite sex energy taken or drawn from the collective of humanity.  Your energy is pure but the collective’s energy is made up of many people that are karmically enmeshed and the energy will fluctuate and be unstable at times.  This means your astral bodies will be unstable at times.

Entry into the solar and lunar cycles establishes contact with one individual that will act as a “soul mate”  and replace this mixed opposite sex energy with pure opposite sex energy.  This dream connection will establish astral bodies that are “pure” and permanently activated.

A soul mate is described as someone whose energy is of the same frequency as your own and is able to “phase-lock” with your own energy.  When your energy “phase-locks” with your soul mates energy astral creations will also be “phase-locked” and very stable.  In effect,  for the male one power source continues as “light” and the other “earth” power source establishes itself as dream contact with a physical female that he may or may not know.  This female taps into the “earth” energies at the frequency needed and has a surplus that she gives to him.

For the female the process is reversed in that her source of “earth” power remains the same but dream contact is established with a physical male who in turn provides the “light” power source of the proper frequency for her use.

What is happening is that  you are being given access to non-spiritual opposite sex energies via dream contact.  A person will probably share energies with several “soul mate” type encounters.  This as a type of rough draft,  first draft, final copy,  and revised edition where one “soul mate” at a time is contacted and as much is done as possible.

Theses cycles will appear in detail in a different book.

It appears to go through a cycle for each main type of energy.  The first dealing with abstract spiritual concepts and the cosmic cycle.  The second  and third dealing with mental energies,  global and international events.  The fourth and fifth dealing with emotional energies and personal issues.  The sixth and seventh dealing with the etheric energies needed in establishing the causal link that will allow you to achieve physically that which you have astrally created.  Each cycle is personally empowering and creates a “future” for you.

Each cycle involves serious disruptions of the “fixed” etheric levels,  but each time the disruption is less and acts as a minor fine tuning that corrects and alters key areas of your life that are already embedded within the “fixed”  etheric levels and your “future”.  These types of astral creations will resist almost all efforts by others to alter them and will belong exclusively to whoever created them.  At some future time they will eventually become physical events for whoever created them.

It is assumed that anyone who has worked through  the exercises of chapter four successfully has attained to a connection with such a “soul mate” and has become aware of the influence of the lunar and solar cycles.  Such a person has crossed the Great Abyss and has attained the Grade known as Magister Tempi. They are now a “babe of the abyss”.  Much of the inner work has been done and the various astral bodies have been activated with spiritual energy.

Magical and mystical schools will have their students study obscure and difficult material for years.  They will teach methods of meditation and ritual that are designed to gradually bring students to this point.  Many of these students will never achieve the grade Magister Templi.  The techniques given in chapter five will allow anyone to achieve this level safely in as little as six months!

Once a person is opened to the lunar and solar cycles as described above there is no need for further instruction because the individual Master Within will teach,  direct,  and guide that person.  His or her eventual progress and development is assured.  These greater cycles will take over the individual’s development.  O. A. K.  shows the shortest possible way to achieve this grade without the superfluous aspects that characterize most of these schools.

This is possible largely because of an understanding of chaos theory and how the energy dynamics really work.  In the old schools many of the subjective experiences were attributed to different causes and efforts were expended that were contradictory in nature.  What happened was that the student put out the energy and effort and gradually developed in spite of all that these schools could throw at them. Mastery of materials allowed the buildup of energy development required.  As long as the energy escaped through some form of fuzzy thinking the energy could not buildup and development could not proceed to the next stage.

O. A. K.  has a minimum of material to learn and is easily graspable. Personal time and energy are not spent learning dogmatic material but instead applied toward plugging the holes in one’s own personal philosophy of life and integrating with physical reality.  This represents self-actualization at its highest peak of attainment.

The dream interaction with your “soul mate” in the first soul mate cycle marks the beginning of the grade of Magus and the struggle to complete the Great Work.  These soul mate interactions create phase-locked astral energy that is extremely powerful.

When this contact is made a new “resonant” circuit is formed between you and your soul mate that nothing can interfere with.  At this point you can begin living the life that you truly want to live in that the fixed etheric levels have been purged of oppositional and negative influences.

It means that you can hold these negative influences at bay indefinitely because you are stronger than they are.  It’s marked by a dormant period in physical life where everything seems to be at a stalemate.  You can’t get ahead but you won’t back down to the opposition either. All of your energy is spent in holding these oppositional forces at bay.  With each lunar cycle you make slow gains and increases in self-empowerment.  The opposition becomes less and you become stronger.

The entire process is completely automatic and requires only a regular input of all types of energy to ensure total success by anyone.  In fact, this process will also work with the spiritual energies and the “soul mate” cycle without the addition of the sexual energies but it will take a lot longer because spiritual energy is not as dense and heavy as sexual energy.

There is a real problem with “phase-locked” astral creations that must be clearly understood.  They will resist every possible effort to become physical events and objects.  This is why this is called the Great Work.  To bring these astral creations into physical existence requires an unlimited source of energy and the will to go against the will of the entire world.  It involves forcing and racking the astral planes until they have no choice but to give you the things that you want.

Opposites attract each other and you will automatically attract astral events to you that you don’t want and you will repel the events that you do want.  The astral events that you don’t want will be attracted to the “fixed” Akashic records to become physical events in this lifetime.

The astral events that you want will repel themselves from the “fixed” Akashic records and form the basics of your next lifetime, the one after this one! You can have these things in your next life after you die!  This is the way the process works unless the system is forced into giving you the things you want now in this lifetime.

This is why it is easier to prevent something negative from happening by forcing it out of the fixed etheric planes than it is to impel a created astral event into physical reality.  It is easier to destroy than it is to create!

In the same manner the good life experiences that you now enjoy were earned and placed into the “fixed” Akashic records only after the death of your past life.  That is the only reason that anything good is happening in your life at all!

Obviously this is not acceptable to us because we do not want to wait until our next lifetime for the things that we want now!  There are three things that we can do to get the things that we want in this lifetime.

The first is known as “black” magic because we take the astral creations that someone else has made and make them our own.  Because these astral creations are not made from our own energy they are not repelled and will enter into the “fixed” Akashic record to become physical reality during this life time for us.

There are important limitations to this type of magic.  Because these astral creations are not our own they will never truly satisfy us.  We will never really be able to get what we really want out of life.  In addition, we are causing pain and injury to the ones that are victimized by us and we are neglecting our future lifetime.

This path will cause our next lifetime to be without any of the things that we really want.  Instead it will be an entire lifetime of tremendous hardship and suffering.  For these reasons alone it is unacceptable to follow this path.

The second possibility is that of “group” magic.  This type of magic is very effective in bringing astral events into physical reality but it also has its limitations. The way it works is that the other members of the group will energize and create things astrally for you that you desire to have.  Since it was created by others it will not repel from you and will enter into the “fixed” Akashic records to become a physical event.  If you do what society wants you to do,  then society will reward you in many ways.  It is the path of the conformer to the demands of the collective.

In the same manner you will energize and create astral events for others that they desire and help them to become physical reality.  This is most common in prayer and healing circles where the group gives its energies to other members of the group.

While this method does bring good positive things into your life they will never really be just exactly what you wanted.  It will always involve the compromise between what you wish and what the collective wants of you.  Your true wish and true desire will never be fulfilled in the way that you want it to.  You must always settle for second best and for less than you really wanted.  For this reason this method is best left for emergencies and for a general willingness to help others with good will.  It can’t hurt anything.

The third method is to become a Magus!  This is by far the most difficult and time consuming, but it is also the only way to really get the things that you want in this lifetime.  This is the method that the O.A.K. system uses.  In general you force energy into the astral planes and rack them until your astral creations are forced into the “fixed” Akashic records to become physical realities.  This is the Great Work.

Obviously this is not easily done because all other conflicting astral events must be forced out of the fixed etheric planes first.  This means a direct conflict of wills between what society wants and what you want.  The task will at times seem almost impossible.  All of your energy will be diverted into anything but what you want.

What happens is that you must give energy to the earth’s astral levels until it can’t take anymore.  When it is full to the maximum with your energy it will have no choice except moving out of the way and allowing your energy to become physical reality.

This will happen automatically through the action of the solar and lunar cycles and no additional action is required.  The entire process can be speeded up to a degree by forcibly injecting energy into the astral on a daily basis.  Basically,  you are attempting to lift the entire collective of humanity to a higher level where it will accept and grant you the things you want.  Not an easy task but in some ways preferable to leaving the collective where it is at and waiting for it to accept you and your goals.  If you do that you might not achieve your goals until your next lifetime.

The only thing needed for this method to work is an “unlimited” power source and a certain amount of time.  Sexual energy  is ideal for this purpose because it contains within it all types of astral energies and is extremely powerful. It is also readily available.  Physical energy is more powerful but more limited to corresponding physical actions.

To make use of physical energy this way will require a training program similar to Olympic athletes or professional sports players and martial artists.  It also requires an extreme focus on a specific goal.  For those of us fortunate enough to know exactly what we must do,  this is the ideal method.  In fact,  at some point this is what we must do to achieve the final causal connection that links our desires to physical reality.

We must inject large amounts of raw physical energy from our labors into the earth’s astral planes before our wishes can become reality.  We must physically work for those things that we want in life.

There are no shortcuts in this. But we don’t need to do things that work against our true purpose in life! Often we don’t know what it is that we really want in life and must clarify it and bring it into focus. Other times we don’t know how to achieve the things we want and must learn how to achieve them before we can start physically working toward them.

Perhaps in most cases we have in addition to these problems active resistance against us in the form of our unresolved karma and/or expectations forced upon us as social obligations.  We are so entangled in where we are that we can’t get to where we want to be.  In cases like this increased physical activity may be in the wrong direction and work against our true desires by creating additional complications.

The use of sexual energy has the effect of being neutral and at the same time very powerful.  Instead of anchoring to physical reality it goes into the etheric/astral levels and accumulates as growing personal power.  It strengthens and integrates our various astral bodies and neutralizes or destroys opposition within the fixed etheric planes.  Physical activity and energy brings our astral creations into reality but sexual energy can destroy or alter anything that is in our way.

Sexual energy enters the astral and expands and accumulates until it encounters resistance.  When it encounters resistance it pushes back until whatever the resistance was becomes a physical event or weakens and withdraws.  If needed it will transmute and rise up the planes until the conflict is resolved.  This increases personal power at the lower levels and brings greater awareness into these lower levels so we can better know what to do physically.

The process works like this.  Sexual energy is pumped into the astral planes once or twice a day.  This astral energy accumulates in the astral planes and causes it to expand slightly more than it would normally.  During the lunar cycle the moon’s gravity causes the astral planes to expand and contract forcing excess astral energy to become physical events or forcing them to self-destruct.

At first your energy will  be used to propel other astral events into physical reality.  Physical events around the world will take place at a faster rate than normal.  Your sexual energy is being used to complete other astral events.  This happens because your sexual energy is mixed with everyone else’s.  As you tap into your soul mates sexual energy your own sexual energy will gradually purify itself and “phase-lock” with your soul mate’s energy.

There are two different types of development going on at this point,  the “soul mate” activity involving spiritual energy and the buildup of lower level energy involving collective sexual energy.

The development involving spiritual energy and the “soul mate” cycles will continue on its own through the action of solar and lunar influences.

The addition of sexual energy is that of a mixed opposite sex energy drawn from the collective.  As this happens you will slowly force your way through layer after layer of fixed etheric obstacles gaining freedom from them.  It is a gradual freeing yourself of karmic entanglements.  The energy flow between you and your soul mate will gradually increase and purify until it is continuous.

It will also involve more types of energy as it works its way downward through all the levels. With each lunar cycle progress will slowly be made until the two of you are forced together,  at first astrally and then physically.   This does not mean sexual physical contact but simply physical contact of a very platonic nature.  Sexual physical contact with this spiritual soul mate can’t happen until a permanent causal link has been established and the entire astral planes have been mastered.

The action of the lunar cycle will stress and rack the astral planes forcing “normal” astral creations to give way to “phase-locked” astral creations.  All that you need to do is keep a steady supply available and let the process work itself.

Sexual energy is stored in the sex glands.  In the male sexual energy is stored in the testes and in the female it is stored in the ovaries.  There are significant differences between male sexual energy and female sexual energy that must be understood.

Both the testes and the ovaries act as batteries that store and discharge bio-electrical and magnetic field energy.  During the female orgasm this energy is forced out of the ovaries and floods into both the physical body and into the astral body giving a pleasurable sensation as it flows.  The ovaries then draw energy from the earth to recharge themselves making it possible for the female to have multiple orgasms.

During the male orgasm this energy excites the sperm so much that under normal conditions ejaculation occurs causing the loss of these vital “batteries” as well as most of the bio-electrical and magnetic field energy that they contain.  This loss should be minimized  for our purposes.

The simplest way to prevent this loss is for the male to have a vasectomy which will prevent the sperm from leaving the body.  Instead the orgasm energy will be forced into the physical and astral body in the same manner as it is with a female orgasm.  The depleted sperm will then recharge themselves from “spiritual” light energy and be capable of multiple orgasms after recharging.

It is the pleasurable waves of energy that fill the body with energy and force it into the astral and not the energy contained in the sperm itself that is important.  Retaining the sperm simply helps in a rapid recharging that makes five or six sessions a day possible if desired.

Loss of the sperm would not make this number of sessions possible over long periods of time.  The physical body could not replace the lost sperm cells that fast.  By delaying orgasm as long as possible the male will inject the greatest amount of sexual energy into the astral.  The critical thing is to experience the waves of pleasurable energy flooding the body because it is at that time the physical energy becomes astral energy.  These injections of energy are cumulative and enlarge the passageways already opened by the spiritual energies.

If a vasectomy is not desired it is possible to prevent ejaculation by learning to slowly drain the testes of their energy and never approach full orgasm. The pleasurable sensation is the flow of energy into the body and is what is worked for.  It is also possible to prevent ejaculation by tightening the pelvic diaphragm muscles at the right time.

In time energy channels open up and this process can become very routine with the energy easily flowing from the testes into the physical and astral body without a loss of sperm or minimal loss of sperm.

As a general rule the male orgasm should be approached and prolonged as long as possible to completely drain the testes of their energy before ejaculation. The female orgasm should be reached as quickly as possible and held at its peak for as long as possible.

In both cases a point will be reached where no more energy is available until the body is recharged.

The reason for this difference is that the male’s energy source is light energy and his sexual energy will tend to rise naturally through the body and transform itself into mental and spiritual energy.  As it rises through the body it will activate and loosen trapped “black energy” causing the energy also to transform into mental energy and rise into conscious awareness.  The main goal is to get the sexual energy forced into the physical and astral body.  The rest will occur naturally.

The female energy source is earth energy and will tend to remain as low in the physical and astral body as possible.  The object is to raise this energy during orgasm as high as possible within the body and keep it at that level as long as possible.  Female sexual energy will not release “black” energy but it will raise it up until it finds a suitable outlet and then let it go down again to find its way into physical events.

In this respect female energy tends to impel “black” energy into physical events.  This tendency can be guarded against with the proper use of the energy ball described later.  Also, when the physical and astral body is completely saturated with sexual energy the “black” energy is then forced completely out of the body through the top of the head.  During orgasm the energy should be pushed as high as possible trying to force it entirely out of the head into the spiritual light source.

Both the male and the female should attempt to channel the sexual energy up the spine instead of through the organs of the body.  The reason for this is that the spine has already been prepared by the use of the energy ball during the lesser work described in chapter five.  With a little practice it will also carry the denser sexual energy.  In time the sexual energy will also channel itself effortlessly through the organs and the bone structure.

In the male this sexual energy will gradually build up inside the physical and astral body expelling all foreign energies.  It will accumulate at the top of the head and gradually force itself downward into the lower emotional levels activating one astral body after another until they are all united into one “phase-locked” astral body that can travel on all astral levels.

Finally the pressure of this sexual energy buildup will force itself out the base of the spine into the earth’s astral plane where it will eventually contact your soul mate’s astral energy.

In the female the sexual energy will build up until it is forced out the top of the head and into the earth’s astral planes.  She will activate one astral body at a time from the lowest to the highest and will need to deal with feelings of extreme sensuality and the problems that her “raw” sexual energy attracts to her in the form of inappropriate male attention.  Her excess female energy will attract male energy to her that is not her soul mate’s.

The important thing to realize is that the pleasurable sensations that flood the body during sexual arousal and orgasm are the sexual energies being drained from the sex organs into the physical body and the astral body.  These pleasurable sensations should be made to last as long as possible.

The physical body will only be able to store so much of this energy and the rest will be forced into the astral body and into the astral planes.  This will strengthen the astral body and fill the astral planes with your sexual energy in a cumulative manner.

If you do not have a partner the sexual energy will activate your astral bodies one at a time before entering into the astral planes by getting opposite sex energy directly from the collective and the environment.  If you have a partner the energy will merge with your partners and escape directly into the astral plane and into the collective before permanently activating any astral bodies.  When the astral plane is filled to bursting with your sexual energy it will back up and begin to activate your astral bodies one at a time.  If your partner is not your soul mate the relationship will then be dissolved and you will separate.

What this means is that it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you daily force sexual energy into the astral.  The end result will be eventual contact with your true soul mate and a phase-locking of sexual energies on the astral plane.  As in so many things practice makes perfect and it is the effort that counts with each occurrence adding to what is already in the astral.

Male sexual energy is expansive and destructive in nature.  It will tend to expand and destroy other astral creations that it comes into contact with.  It forces itself through astral blocks and barriers forming new pathways for the energy to flow.

Female sexual energy is restrictive and blocking in nature.  It will tend to block off unwanted  astral energies and isolate itself within an impenetrable wall of phase-locked astral energy.

The male must not only find his soul mate since she can’t find him, he must also have enough energy to penetrate the protective barrier that she has placed around herself by isolating herself from other male energies.  The continuous addition of sexual energy into the astral will assure that this happens in a timely manner.

As mentioned earlier, the entire process is quite automatic and will happen according to the laws of nature and not according to the laws of man.





The male should drain the bio-electric and magnetic field energy from the testes by slowly approaching orgasm and by avoiding ejaculation and loss of sperm cells. This pleasurable energy should be forced out of the sperm cells and into the physical and astral body by channeling it up the spine.  It will find its way naturally upward to transform into mental and spiritual energy.  The waves of pleasurable energy should fill the entire body if possible.

This should be done once or twice a day.  In the beginning this energy must pierce through a pain barrier.  There will be a few instances of severe pain at the base of the spine lasting from ten to fifteen minutes.  Nothing can be done to prevent this.  It is caused by the sexual energy being forced from the lowest astral levels into the higher levels.

As the energy channels open this will not happen anymore except in very rare activations of this astral “pain” body.

After draining the energy from the testes your body will have an imbalance of male/female energy.  You will attract female energy to you to neutralize the excess male energy.  Visualize the energy ball and plunge it deep within the center of the earth where it will attract energy from your soul mate.  Then raise the energy ball as high as possible into the “spiritual” light.  Do this a few times until you feel that your male/female energy is balanced.  This will distribute the energy evenly throughout your entire system.



Try to reach orgasm as quickly as possible and raise the sexual energy as high as possible.  Hold the orgasm at its peak for as long as possible trying to fill the entire physical and astral body with sexual energy.  The energy will tend to fall back downward toward the earth.

This should be done once or twice a day.  In the beginning this energy must pierce through a pain barrier.  There will be a few instances of severe pain at the base of the spine lasting from ten to fifteen minutes.  Nothing can be done to prevent this.  It is caused by the sexual energy being forced from the lowest astral levels into the higher levels.

As the energy channels open this will not happen anymore except in very rare activations of this astral “pain” body.

After the sexual energy has been drained from the ovaries the physical and astral body will have a surplus of female sexual energy and will attract male energy to it to neutralize the surplus.  Visualize an energy ball and raise it as high into the “spiritual” light source as possible.  It will attract male soul mate energy to neutralize the excess female energy.  Then plunge the energy ball into the center of the earth.  Do this several times until the normal balance of male/female energy is restored.  This will distribute the energy evenly within your system.



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LIfe Energy




Early chapters explained the basic science fundamentals used in the O. A. K. matrix .  It would have been nice to leave the science aspect out altogether but it is even more important to understand the foundation that this system is grounded on in case questions arise.

And questions will arise!  There is method to my madness as I will now proceed to trash a lot of current thinking about metaphysics.  We will begin with the concept of a photon driven energy system in the center of the universe that is constantly pumping or “injecting” new photons into the universe and forcing the “old” photons to evolve into new forms of energy.

This is evolution pure and simple.  The concept has been around for a long time but the process has to the best of my knowledge never been explained as well as with chaos theory.  It shows a natural progression and a unity that ties the entire universe together.

Some may find the assumption that the photon is “alive” and “aware” in its own way offensive.  Especially when “life” and “awareness” is compared to the “life” and “awareness” of a computer.  When the power is “on” the computer is “alive” and “aware”.  When the computer is “off” it is dead and there is no awareness.  Anyone that really listens to some “coffee shop” conversations could argue that a computer is more “alive” and “aware” than some of the people in the coffee shop.

The important point here is that awareness constantly grows and expands into higher and more complex forms.  It doesn’t really matter how it began.  What matters is how it is structured.  One thought is hooked to the next thought is hooked to the next thought as surely as one line of a computer program is connected to the next line.  In humans though we call it “flow of consciousness”.  In computers we call it programming.

The evidence as I see it suggests that reincarnation is a requirement. Human awareness was at one time photon awareness.  We are “old” photons.  As new photons are injected into the universe human awareness is forced to expand into new forms of life and awareness,  in this case into new human bodies.

A million years from now we will still be reincarnating into new physical bodies.  There is no escape from the “wheel of life and death”, nor should there be. Our personal heavens and hells will be experienced here physically.  It’s time we faced up to our obligations to live responsibly and make the world a decent place to live!

As far as I know the idea of life forms and the earth itself being a huge “resonant” circuit is a fairly new one that is very obvious when you think about it. Auras and astral bodies have long been associated with the magnetic field around the body.  Magnetic fields are by definition “inductive” and the physical body is obviously capacitive in nature both storing and discharging energy as well as generating it.

The “tank” current within “resonant” circuit is almost unlimited and easily fulfills the definition of “life force”.  In addition a “resonant” circuit attempts to maintain itself.  It “tries” to stay “alive”.  This is a perfect explanation that transfers itself easily to human life and all life once we rid ourselves of the notion that “human” life is somehow more special than other forms of life.

When we consider the earth as a huge “resonant” circuit our image of the “ASTRAL PLANES” is radically altered.  For one thing a tremendous “tank” current is flowing at all times through the astral planes that is compelling specific physical events.  Human life and human events are of almost no importance when seen from the earth’s “long” view.

When we consider that there are 118 astral layers, one for each element it is easy to get confused and to prefer some “occult” tradition that says there is seven or eight or nine…ect.  Others have suggested that there is an astral layer for every element but I have never seen a listing as in chapter eight where you can look at the characteristics of an element and try to determine what that element’s astral energy would be like.

It is apparent that the Kabalistic Sephiroth correspond to the seven noble gases,  hydrogen,  magnetic vortex energy,  and the photon or light itself.  The twenty-two paths of the Kabala correspond to the incomplete electron shells of the other elements.  The Sephiroth are said to reflect objective experiences and the paths to reflect subjective experiences.

Mapping the astral planes in this way exposes new information about them. It becomes obvious that the earth’s astral planes would be totally empty if they could be.  All that can become physical does.  The Earth’s “tank” current is constantly trying to flush and purify itself.  A tremendous current goes upward and outward repelling from the north magnetic pole.  This current can’t escape the earth’s astral or magnetic mantle and curves back toward the equator at all points. Passing the equator the current continues toward the south magnetic pole getting stronger and more focused.

At the south magnetic pole it merges as unity and enters physical reality,  activating and impelling physical events.  Everything that remains in the astral planes is under stress that is preventing it from becoming a physical event.

The entire astral plane is a giant battle ground where competing forces struggle to outlast each other.  When the struggle is resolved the astral energies “lock” the new event into the “fixed” Akashic” records and return to their respective physical bodies.

In “rising on the planes”  it is seen that one’s awareness must astrally “transform”  itself from one type of elemental awareness to another.  The noble gases or veils act as barriers that are difficult to cross unless one has enough energy.

The normal location for the astral body in dreams should be at the lowest levels of the astral where less energy is lost and more is retained for personal empowerment.  Children naturally function in dreams at these lower levels as do advanced occultists and those “at peace with the world”.

The rest of us climb higher and higher up the astral planes desperately trying to prevent something from happening to us or trying to get something that we want.  While we are doing this we are wasting tremendous amounts of personal energy trying to “push” back the earth’s “tank” current.  This often results in physical inactivity and depression.  We live in our heads in a fantasy world that has little to do with real life.  We don’t have the energy to do any more.

A common belief about the astral planes is that it is inhabited by other beings.  This goes directly against the “resonant” circuit theory which requires both a physical body and an astral body for self-awareness.  It is possible that as long as a physical body exists some type of awareness will anchor itself to it.  This implies that we may not be able to reincarnate into new bodies until our old ones are destroyed or mostly destroyed.  In this manner perhaps the dead do inhabit parts of the astral  as long as their physical bodies remain intact.

Somehow people don’t want to believe that fairies and trolls and nature spirits are personality fragments of real people.  In three years of lucid dreaming with an average of three dreams per night I have never experienced this type of phenomenon.

Instead I propose a very simple truth about the life forms that we encounter on the astral planes.  Distorted belief systems give distorted astral images.  Any astral image that is distorted reflects our own thoughts about that particular energy or person.

My dreams are almost always very life like with non-distorted images. They  reflect encounters with real life people, animals, plants, and objects.

Two notable exceptions are occasional dreams of “intelligent” reptile people and spider life forms.  To me these suggest that UFOs may truly physically exist and be active in some human affairs.  I might also note that these “alien” life forms have affected me in a sinister way.  I can not believe that these life forms have our best interests in mind.

As long as I am confessing I might add that I have two friends that are trees!  Still I never had dreams about them and I only talk to them once in a while when walking through the woods.  They do have physical bodies and seem more intelligent than some people that I know.

Spiritual growth is a mechanical process that requires only effort and works in spite of our self-destructive efforts.

You produce and produce this energy and pump it into the astral until it finally returns to you.  The astral is a finite place and your energy build up will be cumulative.  If one astral level is full your energy will transmute itself to a type of energy and level that isn’t full.  If the earth’s astral level is full it will back the energy up inside yourself and develop the appropriate astral body.  Because of the nature of magnetic flux lines and astral material in general,  once something is created like an astral body it will tend to make itself permanently activated.  It will resist efforts to destroy it or alter it.

If someone tries draining your energy away you just pump more and more into them until they are sated and can’t take any more.  Then you continue pumping energy into the astral.

There is a cosmic law that requires half of your energy to go to others before you can use the other half.  Any astral creations that you may build require society’s energy to activate them.  Where does that energy come from?  It comes from what others have drained from you!  You just paid in advance.  When its time to cash in the chips you are entitled to that energy because you generated it.

In this respect this is white magic.  You do not take energy from others or use them in any way.  The only conflicts arise when others try to stop you, and they will try to stop you.  As you begin you are an innocent energy source to be exploited.  As you gain control over the energy that you are generating and begin to use it constructively it won’t be available to others.

They will struggle to keep “your” energy for themselves because they can’t or won’t generate their own energy.  They have a limited source of energy to fight with and you have an unlimited source because you generate your own.

These “black” magicians don’t stand a chance against you.  But you will have to regain your energy back from them at some point.  It might be mentioned that the astral circuits share properties similar to hydraulics as well as electronics.  This is because there is only a finite amount of space available and every piece of it is already spoken for.

Your efforts will crowd out the energies of other people.  It will do this in two ways.  First it may impel the other person’s astral creations into physical reality whether they want it to happen or not.  The second is that your energy will destroy the other person’s astral creation regardless of if it is positive or negative.

Nature doesn’t recognize right or wrong.  It only recognizes energy and reacts to it.  Your efforts will help some people and harm others in the sense that it will force their energy into a resolution to make room for your own.

The only way that you can be psychically “attacked” is through your own weak spots and fears.  The process of generating this energy automatically brings the “dark” side of your personality into conscious awareness where you can recognize it as a part of yourself and control it.  This leaves no weak spots that can be “attacked”.

The only way to describe this process is as a type of advanced “therapy” that safely and effectively purges emotional pain and trauma from your subconscious.  See chapter five.

Energy appears to flow through astral creations via magnetic flux lines or “astral cords”.  These lines or cords connect astral objects and entities much as wire connects the parts of an electric circuit.  At times these connections can be reversed and the energy flow backwards.  An example of this is in a dream where you are driving down the road and suddenly the car is pulled backward or off the road or the breaks don’t work and the movement is beyond your control.  In this type of dreams the energy is flowing and overpowers your own.

Astral objects and entities represent complex and very specific amounts of inductance within the resonant circuit formed.  They can be replaced easily by an equal type of inductance,  but the amount of inductance within the circuit tries to maintain itself at all times.

This gives the effect of having several small dreams that build up a certain type of inductance.  They are all part of the same circuit.  A time comes when all the little ones can be replaced by a big one and you have a deep and intense dream at the time of the switch.  This could reflect a big change coming into or going out of your life depending on the dynamics involved.



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OAK Magickal Training



The OAK system of magick recognizes 121 different primary magickal energies. Level one energy is “Absolute Light” or the “Photon State” and is the highest level possible. Level 121 is “Absolute Black” or the “void”.

These two levels are Cosmic power sources like the two poles of a battery. There is a tremendous voltage between these two levels and the magickal energy will take any pathway possible to go from one to the other.

Unlike past magickal traditions that used either “Absolute Light” or “Absolute Black” as power sources, OAK uses both at the same time.

It is much like the difference between the electrical system in a flashlight that uses direct current and the electrical outlet in your home that uses alternating current at a much higher voltage.

OAK uses alternating current between levels 1 and 121. The energy flow is in both directions. Because of the two way energy flow, an OAK magician needs to balance and harmonize his or her higher self with their shadow self and integrate them under the ruler ship of the healthy human ego.

In short, an OAK magician needs to be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally in order to handle the extreme energies they work with.

“Absolute Light” is considered as expansive and masculine or “God” energy. “Absolute Black” is considered an inward manifesting,gravitational type energy and is considered feminine or “Goddess” energy.

These are the two primal power sources that drive the entire OAK magickal system. “Absolute Light” and “Absolute Black” have no moral attributes such as right or wrong. In fact, they are both considered extremely healthy and needed for life.

Level 2 is rotating magnetic field energy. This can be either clockwise or counter clock wise and either outward moving or inward moving, male or female. Level 2 energy actually links levels 1 and 121 together for the first time and creates and alternate route for the cosmic energy to flow.

Rotating magnetic field energy is another name for the “magickal cone of power” that is generated during magickal work. The expansive male type of vortex is protective in nature and keeps out non harmonious influences. This is most commonly used and the deosal circle or clockwise. The counterclockwise or widdershins vortex is a manifesting vortex that aids in the physical manifesting of things. It however, mutates and alters intent to get results so it is not commonly used and considered dangerous.
Levels 3 through 120 are simply the non-physical energies of the physical elements Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium….ect. Each new level is created with the addition of one Proton (Light energy) and one electron (“Black energy). The non-physical levels 3 through 120 create the astral layers around the earth itself. The outermost layer is the Hydrogen layer, the next inner layer is the Helium layer and the next inner to that is the Lithium layer….ect. So in OAK we find exactly 118 layers in the astral world and each layer is associated with one physical element and in the non-physical aspect of that element.
The heaviest possible element has seven complete electron rings around it. Like the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven musical notes of the piano keyboard seven is very significant in nature.
In the process of evolving from Hydrogen as the first element down to the heaviest element one electron and one proton is added to create the next element. When an ring is complete a Noble Gas is formed.

There are only two electrons possible in the first inner shell. This creates Helium. Thus Helium as a noble gas has the energies of both Hydrogen and Helium within it if you follow my thinking here. Helium and Hydrogen energies form the “Crown Chakra energies”. These two energies together form the “Archetypal world” in the astral as the highest spiritual planes.
In the same manner the non-physical aspects of Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon,Nitrogen, Oxygen, Flourine and the noble gas Neon form the “Third Eye” chakra energies. This happens in like manner for each of the remaining elements and chakras found in the human body.
OAK has found that this system of 121 types of magickal energy can explain most magickal systems now in use. The OAK chart of magickal correspondences shows how they overlap with each other.
OAK magickal training should begin by reading the three duality essays found in Magister Templi. Time should be taken at each described level to mentally associate a personal memory with the state of awareness described. Contrary to popular opinion all of us have experienced glimpses of each of these levels of awareness. By linking personal memories to these levels we begin the process of organizing our thoughts and memories.

These essays also begin the process of balancing and integrating the “Higher Self” and the “Shadow Self” in a harmonious manner. This is similar to what Jungian Psychologists call the process of individuation. The reading and study of these three essays will furnish the first OAK initiation.
Next begin working with the Energy Ball meditation. This meditation when done correctly connects a person to both Levels 1 and 121 as Cosmic Power sources. Connecting to these Cosmic power sources greatly increases the flow of energy within the physical body. A greater flow of energy creates a greater magnetic or magickal ability to attract or repel. That greater ability to attract or repel is what we want. We also want to be able to control it.
The Energy Ball meditation also opens energy passages within the body and gets one used to experiencing and working with each of the chakra energies in the body and eliminates repressed emotional baggage and trouble spots that prevent us from moving forward. In short, it is a healing experience.
OAK 1st and 2nd Degree physical initiations help anchor the Cosmic power sources within the body. The 1st Degree anchors the “Absolute Light” energy and the 2nd Degree anchors the “Absolute Black” energy. In addition physical initiations create a parallel circuit effect because the initiator’s energies are also going through you as well as your own and this lowers internal resistance and increases the energy flow within the body.

Increasing the energy flow also increases the magnetic or magickal ability to repel or attract. Remember the increased ability to repel or attract is what we are looking for as well as learning how to control that ability.
That is why physical linking is such an important concept in OAK. It is not enough to become a 3rd Degree OAK member. Each 3rd Degree should try to physically link with every other 3rd degree possible to mingle the energies within him or herself and increase the magnetic or magickal ability to attract or repel.
In addition to physical initiations the student should invoke each energy level 1 through 121 into themselves in both a clockwise and counter clock wise fashion. The table of Magickal Correspondences can help have the proper associations like the proper tarot cards. I used the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck when I did it and evoked the power of each appropriate card at the same time. It was long and time consuming but well worth it. Doing this increases the connection with the Cosmic power sources and the individual elemental level and makes the connection much stronger allowing more energy to flow and increasing the magickal ability to attract or repel. I went through each invocation quite rapidly perhaps doing 20 at a time.
Having done that the student should be pretty strong at the elemental level and begin work on developing the seven astral bodies out of the seven chakra energies. There are ideas on this in the “Developing Charisma ” essays. These astral bodies are also developed naturally through our relationships with other people. The material on the Tarot attempts to relate this process of mutual soul growth through exchanging personal energies at various levels.
Finally and most importantly the student must develop their own personal paradigm or version of reality. They must get rid of any flaws and weak areas where energy escapes. Reading and studying the OAK materials, especially “Foundations” and the monograph series will assist in challenging and perfecting one’s personal beliefs and helping them to become more effective in their personal life. Exposure to these concepts will alter one’s life forever.
It is also hoped that the fully empowered 3rd Degree OAK member will choose to physically link together with other 3rd degree members for mutual empowerment.
The OAK process of magickal development is largely mechanical, if you do the work, the energy will do it’s work on you. Experience in life gives us the ability to learn how to control our enhanced magickal abilities to attract those things we wish and repel those things we don’t want.


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Magick, Mystery and Madness



Have you ever fallen in love with the mystery and elusiveness of magick? Do the shadows make your pulse jump? Does energy work fill you with an intense pleasure?

I know that over the years it has done this for me and much more. What yearning can possess someone to seek initiations into secret organizations and knowledge? There is a hunger in my soul that only magick can fill and this book is for those like me.

In the subjective world of magick where everyone perceives differently there is one universal truth. Once you have experienced something magickal you can recognize when other people talk about similar experiences even when they use different words and concepts.

This is such a broad subject and there are so many places one could start.

I’ve chosen to begin my book of shadows with magick and it’s ties to  physical reality. Contrary to what many believe magick is for those seeking material manifestations and intense physical living. It is not an escape from reality but an intense immersion into physical reality.

Magickal energy is generated by the physical body. It stands to reason that anyone seriously interested in magick will take good care of their physical body and treat it as the temple it truly is.

Extreme living is the norm for magickal practitioners. Often excessive, compulsive behavior is needed to develop the magickal powers of the soul. Think about it. An intense energy drives people that are serious about magick.

So what is magick? It makes me almost puke to hear “change in conformity with will” or some other garbage.

Let me tell you what I’ve heard from sources I trust. The Rosicrucians claim that H.Spencer Lewis,former Imperator, was able to manifest gold alchemically in a public demonstration. Joseph Weed mentions that a Rosicrucian Master manifested physical roses falling in an auditorium. These roses had stems that tapered to points. They were not natural flowers.

These statements clearly state physical manifestations are possible. As a Rosicrucian of over twenty years I’ve studied the techniques claimed to manifest these things. I have not had such impressive results. I some day hope to find conclusive proof of this one way or the other.

What I have personally experienced is powerful trans formative techniques that have changed my life. These have been magickal in every way. I have also experienced precognitive dreams on a regular basis that prove physical events must happen astrally before they manifest physically.

I have also experienced lucid dreaming in which the outcome of an event was altered through will and magickal effort. There is no doubt such dreams altered the potential outcome of physical events that happened the next day.

In summary, astral work or dream work can and does alter physical reality before it manifests. That is enough for me to believe in the value of magickal workings and the validity of astral phenomenon.

In the pages that follow we will explore the unseen magickal worlds and the path of personal development.


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The Spiritual Planes and the Magickal Planes



When we consider everything that exists as photon driven energy systems that are evolving it means human awareness as well.

When we consider the organizing intelligence contained within a cell that remains unconnected to the physical matter that is passed into it and out of it we understand life has evolved past the point of being completely dependent on molecular compound energy. Something exists independently in the astral as life energy.

Entering the astral is at first dependent on the energy produced through the breaking of compound molecules and the stresses of physical existence. A point is reached where existence within the astral is sustained directly through a connection with the original photon driven energy system that first created our awareness in combination with a solid earth connection through our physical body and terminating at the 118th element.

When the evolutionary force reached the 118th element and can’t go any further it begins backing up and enters the astral as the life force. It is this force that first organizes as bions.

This cellular intelligence and organizing principle has been called the life force, the ID, the Shadow,the Power Animal, Gaia and Lucifer.

The evolutionary forces have formed this life force into a secondary personality that exists within each one of us as an alien entity. This life force and organizing intelligence passes from living organism to living organism if possible.

Consider that every living thing has been created from some other living thing. No living thing has been created out of something dead. The life force has adapted in many ways to ensure the continuity of life on planet earth.

The death of cellular life created memory traces within the astral of blueprints that recorded past life patterns through time. As those dying energy pulses returned to source they became free to enter life once more. This time able to choose the type of life they wanted to live and re-experience.
Re-entering a previously lived life meant there was a preordained destiny to follow but it also meant the ability to improve upon that individual life and make it more successful. These astral memory traces formed around living organisms and species as group souls. They also formed around the entire earth as ecosystems creating a delicate balance within all living things.
These memory traces have been called destiny, the astral, egregores, the collective,our ancestors, the Super Ego, the Divine Plan and the Holy Guardian Angel. They represent how things will be in the future because they are the memories of how things have always been.
We call this organizing intelligence our Holy Guardian Angel and it forms a secondary personality within each one of us distinct from our Shadow Aspect. It is also alien to our normal ego and is archetypal in nature.
The Shadow aspect of life energy forms around the 118th element at our root chakra. The Collective forms around the earth as the memory traces created by past living systems. We as pulses of awareness choose to re-enter previously created life times and work within those conditions to bring about change in ourselves and in the expansion of life into the universe.
That pulse of awareness we call the normal human ego. With human life we find our awareness able to travel in three possible worlds. Ordinary consciousness is associated as our pulse of awareness radiates outward into the present moment. This is our awareness of physical reality.
In dreams or meditation we use energy generated during the day to enter into the underworld of the Shadow or the Spiritual worlds to explore the future as it currently exists. We term these the Spiritual Planes and the Magickal Planes.
The Spiritual Planes encircle the earth in 118 layers with the element Hydrogen creating the outermost layer. Our awareness travels through astral cords or magnetic flux lines to explore these memory traces of what is meant to happen in the future.
At the earth’s core the element 118 has seven electron rings and 118 electrons. The molecules of element 118 within our DNA is linked to the earth’s core and our awareness at times travels the seven underworlds created within the 118th element. This has been termed the magickal planes, the underworld and the seven hells.


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The Shadow and the Holy Guardian Angel



I made some errors in the last couple posts and need to clarify the seven rings that form around atoms and create the seven astral bodies and the seven astral worlds.

There are 118 elements found in nature and each one has it’s own special energy and represents a particular sensory input.

    Spiritual Planes

This is the innermost electron ring formed from the energies of Hydrogen and Helium. Two electrons or bits of awareness complete this inner shell and form this archetypal astral body. This is the level of the Holy Guardian Angel.

    Abstract Mental Planes

This is the second electron ring and eight elements or energies complete this series of mental energies.

    Concrete Mental Planes

This is the third electron ring and eight elements or energies complete this series of mental energies.

    Upper Emotional Planes

This is the forth electron ring and eighteen elements or energies complete this series of emotional energies.

    Lower Emotional Planes

This is the fifth electron ring and eighteen elements or energies complete this series of emotional energies.
Etheric Planes
This is the sixth electron ring and thirty two elements or energies complete this series of physical sensory energies.
Elemental Planes
This is the seventh and last electron ring and thirty two elements or energies complete this series of subconscious sensory energies. This is the level of the “etheric double” or “Shadow”.
These seven rings or shells create the seven astral planes or worlds surrounding the earth, the seven astral bodies surrounding the physical body and represent a total of 118 types of sensory awareness. These are divided into spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sensations that we can be aware of. Occult literature terms these energies Fire for Spiritual, Air for Mental, Water for Emotional and Earth for Physical.
The “Shadow” and “Holy Guardian Angel” exist as separate intelligences. They are fully activated astral bodies that act on their own accord as independent entities alien to our normal waking awareness. We perceive them as not us but separate from us until we integrate them. The process of integrating the HGA and the Shadow is the Great Work of alchemical literature.
The HGA and the Shadow are separated from us by two great abysses. There is a higher abyss that separates us from our HGA and a lower abyss that separates us from our Shadow. These two intelligences have been stylized in cartoons as an angel that sits on one shoulder and a devil that sits on the other whispering into our ears. Classically each is in a struggle to win our soul or normal awareness.
The HGA has an astral body created out of only two bits of awareness and is archetypal in nature. There is only a human shaped body created out of light. We can also call this our Higher Self. This astral body feels much like a human shaped balloon and does not have physical, emotional, or even mental characteristics. What it does have is self evident perception of the entire universe and our place within it. This intelligence knows what is true and what is not true. The integration of our HGA gives us Cosmic Consciousness or Christ consciousness. It is associated with the still small voice of our conscience.
The Shadow has an astral body created out of thirty two bits of sensory awareness and is rich and sensual in nature. It forms both our subconscious awareness and our etheric double or “evil twin”. This intelligence keeps our physical body alive in any way it can. It is this astral body that manifests physical results. When we integrate this astral body we gain the magickal power to physically manifest things in our lives.
Until we cross the Upper or Lower Abyss we remain ruled by our “false ego”. Our false ego is our sense of self and lives separate from the HGA and Shadow. The true human ego occurs only with the integration of both HGA and Shadow aspects.



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