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Magick, Mystery and Madness



Have you ever fallen in love with the mystery and elusiveness of magick? Do the shadows make your pulse jump? Does energy work fill you with an intense pleasure?

I know that over the years it has done this for me and much more. What yearning can possess someone to seek initiations into secret organizations and knowledge? There is a hunger in my soul that only magick can fill and this book is for those like me.

In the subjective world of magick where everyone perceives differently there is one universal truth. Once you have experienced something magickal you can recognize when other people talk about similar experiences even when they use different words and concepts.

This is such a broad subject and there are so many places one could start.

I’ve chosen to begin my book of shadows with magick and it’s ties to  physical reality. Contrary to what many believe magick is for those seeking material manifestations and intense physical living. It is not an escape from reality but an intense immersion into physical reality.

Magickal energy is generated by the physical body. It stands to reason that anyone seriously interested in magick will take good care of their physical body and treat it as the temple it truly is.

Extreme living is the norm for magickal practitioners. Often excessive, compulsive behavior is needed to develop the magickal powers of the soul. Think about it. An intense energy drives people that are serious about magick.

So what is magick? It makes me almost puke to hear “change in conformity with will” or some other garbage.

Let me tell you what I’ve heard from sources I trust. The Rosicrucians claim that H.Spencer Lewis,former Imperator, was able to manifest gold alchemically in a public demonstration. Joseph Weed mentions that a Rosicrucian Master manifested physical roses falling in an auditorium. These roses had stems that tapered to points. They were not natural flowers.

These statements clearly state physical manifestations are possible. As a Rosicrucian of over twenty years I’ve studied the techniques claimed to manifest these things. I have not had such impressive results. I some day hope to find conclusive proof of this one way or the other.

What I have personally experienced is powerful trans formative techniques that have changed my life. These have been magickal in every way. I have also experienced precognitive dreams on a regular basis that prove physical events must happen astrally before they manifest physically.

I have also experienced lucid dreaming in which the outcome of an event was altered through will and magickal effort. There is no doubt such dreams altered the potential outcome of physical events that happened the next day.

In summary, astral work or dream work can and does alter physical reality before it manifests. That is enough for me to believe in the value of magickal workings and the validity of astral phenomenon.

In the pages that follow we will explore the unseen magickal worlds and the path of personal development.


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The Spiritual Planes and the Magickal Planes



When we consider everything that exists as photon driven energy systems that are evolving it means human awareness as well.

When we consider the organizing intelligence contained within a cell that remains unconnected to the physical matter that is passed into it and out of it we understand life has evolved past the point of being completely dependent on molecular compound energy. Something exists independently in the astral as life energy.

Entering the astral is at first dependent on the energy produced through the breaking of compound molecules and the stresses of physical existence. A point is reached where existence within the astral is sustained directly through a connection with the original photon driven energy system that first created our awareness in combination with a solid earth connection through our physical body and terminating at the 118th element.

When the evolutionary force reached the 118th element and can’t go any further it begins backing up and enters the astral as the life force. It is this force that first organizes as bions.

This cellular intelligence and organizing principle has been called the life force, the ID, the Shadow,the Power Animal, Gaia and Lucifer.

The evolutionary forces have formed this life force into a secondary personality that exists within each one of us as an alien entity. This life force and organizing intelligence passes from living organism to living organism if possible.

Consider that every living thing has been created from some other living thing. No living thing has been created out of something dead. The life force has adapted in many ways to ensure the continuity of life on planet earth.

The death of cellular life created memory traces within the astral of blueprints that recorded past life patterns through time. As those dying energy pulses returned to source they became free to enter life once more. This time able to choose the type of life they wanted to live and re-experience.
Re-entering a previously lived life meant there was a preordained destiny to follow but it also meant the ability to improve upon that individual life and make it more successful. These astral memory traces formed around living organisms and species as group souls. They also formed around the entire earth as ecosystems creating a delicate balance within all living things.
These memory traces have been called destiny, the astral, egregores, the collective,our ancestors, the Super Ego, the Divine Plan and the Holy Guardian Angel. They represent how things will be in the future because they are the memories of how things have always been.
We call this organizing intelligence our Holy Guardian Angel and it forms a secondary personality within each one of us distinct from our Shadow Aspect. It is also alien to our normal ego and is archetypal in nature.
The Shadow aspect of life energy forms around the 118th element at our root chakra. The Collective forms around the earth as the memory traces created by past living systems. We as pulses of awareness choose to re-enter previously created life times and work within those conditions to bring about change in ourselves and in the expansion of life into the universe.
That pulse of awareness we call the normal human ego. With human life we find our awareness able to travel in three possible worlds. Ordinary consciousness is associated as our pulse of awareness radiates outward into the present moment. This is our awareness of physical reality.
In dreams or meditation we use energy generated during the day to enter into the underworld of the Shadow or the Spiritual worlds to explore the future as it currently exists. We term these the Spiritual Planes and the Magickal Planes.
The Spiritual Planes encircle the earth in 118 layers with the element Hydrogen creating the outermost layer. Our awareness travels through astral cords or magnetic flux lines to explore these memory traces of what is meant to happen in the future.
At the earth’s core the element 118 has seven electron rings and 118 electrons. The molecules of element 118 within our DNA is linked to the earth’s core and our awareness at times travels the seven underworlds created within the 118th element. This has been termed the magickal planes, the underworld and the seven hells.


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The Shadow and the Holy Guardian Angel



I made some errors in the last couple posts and need to clarify the seven rings that form around atoms and create the seven astral bodies and the seven astral worlds.

There are 118 elements found in nature and each one has it’s own special energy and represents a particular sensory input.

    Spiritual Planes

This is the innermost electron ring formed from the energies of Hydrogen and Helium. Two electrons or bits of awareness complete this inner shell and form this archetypal astral body. This is the level of the Holy Guardian Angel.

    Abstract Mental Planes

This is the second electron ring and eight elements or energies complete this series of mental energies.

    Concrete Mental Planes

This is the third electron ring and eight elements or energies complete this series of mental energies.

    Upper Emotional Planes

This is the forth electron ring and eighteen elements or energies complete this series of emotional energies.

    Lower Emotional Planes

This is the fifth electron ring and eighteen elements or energies complete this series of emotional energies.
Etheric Planes
This is the sixth electron ring and thirty two elements or energies complete this series of physical sensory energies.
Elemental Planes
This is the seventh and last electron ring and thirty two elements or energies complete this series of subconscious sensory energies. This is the level of the “etheric double” or “Shadow”.
These seven rings or shells create the seven astral planes or worlds surrounding the earth, the seven astral bodies surrounding the physical body and represent a total of 118 types of sensory awareness. These are divided into spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sensations that we can be aware of. Occult literature terms these energies Fire for Spiritual, Air for Mental, Water for Emotional and Earth for Physical.
The “Shadow” and “Holy Guardian Angel” exist as separate intelligences. They are fully activated astral bodies that act on their own accord as independent entities alien to our normal waking awareness. We perceive them as not us but separate from us until we integrate them. The process of integrating the HGA and the Shadow is the Great Work of alchemical literature.
The HGA and the Shadow are separated from us by two great abysses. There is a higher abyss that separates us from our HGA and a lower abyss that separates us from our Shadow. These two intelligences have been stylized in cartoons as an angel that sits on one shoulder and a devil that sits on the other whispering into our ears. Classically each is in a struggle to win our soul or normal awareness.
The HGA has an astral body created out of only two bits of awareness and is archetypal in nature. There is only a human shaped body created out of light. We can also call this our Higher Self. This astral body feels much like a human shaped balloon and does not have physical, emotional, or even mental characteristics. What it does have is self evident perception of the entire universe and our place within it. This intelligence knows what is true and what is not true. The integration of our HGA gives us Cosmic Consciousness or Christ consciousness. It is associated with the still small voice of our conscience.
The Shadow has an astral body created out of thirty two bits of sensory awareness and is rich and sensual in nature. It forms both our subconscious awareness and our etheric double or “evil twin”. This intelligence keeps our physical body alive in any way it can. It is this astral body that manifests physical results. When we integrate this astral body we gain the magickal power to physically manifest things in our lives.
Until we cross the Upper or Lower Abyss we remain ruled by our “false ego”. Our false ego is our sense of self and lives separate from the HGA and Shadow. The true human ego occurs only with the integration of both HGA and Shadow aspects.



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The Etheric Double



The two outermost electron rings possible for an atom each have 32 electrons they can hold. This is much more than any of the previous inner electron rings or shells. That means it takes 32 bits of awareness or soul fragments to complete each of these astral bodies. For most of us this is the work of a lifetime or it may never happen.

The inner of these two shells creates what is called the etheric body and the outer final shell creates what is called the elemental body.

The etheric body contains bits of awareness and reflects a full range of sensory abilities within dreams like reading, writing and smell, hearing and texture.

Sensations like taste and pain are still absent for the most part. They belong to the elemental body and the etheric double.

The etheric planes are the classic astral planes of magickal workings. Most magick takes place on the etheric planes and alters them in some way that will affect physical events before they happen.

In the process of developing our astral bodies there are two paths to follow. The magickal path works to develop the 32 bits of awareness that create the etheric body and then integrate it with the etheric double. This means trying to develop 32 bits of awareness through the generation and accumulation of physical energy for the etheric body and then 32 bits more to free the elemental body and integrate the etheric double.

The most common means of developing these bodies is through hard physical exercise and sexual activity. This path works from the bottom upwards and has much in common with the martial arts. It’s strength is the ability to manifest physical events.

Its weakness is the extremes of both pain and pleasure must be physically experienced. You will experience that which you fear the most as well as that which you desire the most. Because everything operates at such near physical levels many toxic or negative factors can not be safely neutralized. This is why magickal adepts seek to develop the higher astral bodies as well.
The mystical path works from the top downward activating the innermost spiritual shell first. This shell has only two bits of awareness as mentioned before. Then the second and third shells or mental bodies are created. Each of those has 8 bits of awareness or soul fragments. In this manner the higher astral bodies are developed before the lower ones are. The fourth and fifth astral bodies or emotional bodies each are created out of sixteen bits of awareness or soul fragments. This can take a life time or more as well to achieve. Physical effort and vitality are channeled upwards to activate these astral bodies.
The strength of this path is an invulnerability that neutralizes the worst toxins and negative factors long before they manifest physically. Nothing can hurt this adept significantly. They are able to transmute negative energy and make it work in positive ways. The weakness of this path is an inability to physically manifest desires in real life. The lower astral levels govern physical events before they happen and this adept is not strong at these levels. That is why these adepts constantly try to become stronger at the earth levels.
What we call our physical body is really the elemental body and only separates from the physical body at death or in rare circumstances. These bits of awareness form our physical senses as we understand them. As these bits of awareness are developed and become free to leave the physical body they form what is called the etheric double or “evil twin”.
The integration and mastery of this etheric double grants us the ability to have normal physical perceptions at the lowest levels of the astral planes and travel the physical earth in out of body experiences. We do this when we integrate our “shadow”. There have been many instances recorded of this type of classic astral projection. In reality we can project with any of the seven astral bodies if they have been developed correctly.


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The Emotional Planes



The inner circle of electrons or bits of awareness contain two particles and create the archetypal world. The 2nd and 3rd rings or shells contain 16 bits of awareness and create the mental planes as we mentioned in the last post.

It is the 4th and 5th electron rings or shells that create what we commonly call astral bodies and astral worlds. That is because these are created out of emotional energy and the astral planes are associated with emotional energy.

Each of these rings has a possible 36 electrons or bits of awareness before it is complete. The 4th shell is termed the Upper Emotional Plane. The 5th shell is termed the Lower Emotional Plane.

These planes are much richer and detailed than the 1st,2nd or 3rd shells because they offer so much more sensory detail.

In the human body these are centered at the heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra respectively. They form the Upper Emotional astral body and the Lower Emotional astral body.

The Upper Emotional body involves sensations of love and pleasure as well as their absence.

The Lower Emotional body involves organic and cellular awareness including hunger, fear and pain. It also involves mastery over those things.

We develop each astral body by physically generating the needed energy to create bits of awareness or soul particles that will fill each ring or shell. We can pick the astral world we choose to work within. We can choose spiritual energy through prayer and meditation or we can choose the mental worlds through philosophy and words. They all function in the same manner. First we generate the appropriate energy and when enough is generated one bit of awareness is formed and creates one soul fragment.
That first bit of awareness has no other bits or soul fragments to compare itself with so there is the subjective experience of “spiritual light” or “illumination”. The addition of the 2nd soul fragment brings an archetypal awareness into that astral plane. Full mastery of that astral plane only comes when the astral ring or shell is complete.
In the astral these emotional energies form separate layers around the earth that are richly populated with the astral representations of living and non-living things. It is in the emotional planes that most dreams take place. The energy we have accumulated through the day lifts our astral bodies out of our physical bodies and into the astral worlds of dreams where the energy is discharged through the act of dreaming.



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The Mental Planes



Last time I mentioned how Hydrogen and Helium combine in the astral as two bits of awareness or sensory inputs to form the Archetypal Spiritual planes. This level is limited in depth and often appears as black and white because it only has two elements to create with.

I also mentioned how the astral body at this level is human shaped but like a balloon with no defining characteristics or depth. Physics science tells us that the atom can have up to seven rings of orbiting electrons around it. This means seven shells or astral bodies are possible.

The inner most astral body is created from two bits of awareness as we have already mentioned. Let’s move on to the next electron rings.

The second and third shells or rings around the nucleus of an atom each contain a possible 8 electrons or bits of awareness. It takes eight bits of awareness to create an astral body in each of these astral planes. There are two mental planes and each is essentially visual in nature.

These astral planes are the Abstract Mental Astral Plane and the Concrete Mental Astral Plane respectively. The mental planes have more detail than the spiritual plane but not as much detail or sensory data as the emotional planes.

The Abstract Mental Plane consists of images too complex to easily place into words. We experience this world through the images of our imagination. This is also the realm of philosophical thought and reasoning. We leave our physical body when we journey in this astral plane. A good example of this is when you become lost in a good book and are not aware of what is going around you.

The Concrete Mental Plane consists of words and the lower ego or self awareness. This is where we process much of our sensory data and make meaning of it. This is where we spend most of our waking life.
Astral bodies at these levels lack feeling and emotion. There is a detached aspect that allows us to observe what is going on around us and not get caught up in it. The imagery is rich and detailed. These astral planes seem very much like dreams that lack emotional content.
We gain access to the Spiritual plane through the Crown Chakra. Access to the Abstract Mental plane is through the Third Eye Chakra. Access to the Concrete Mental plane is through the Throat Chakra.
Our awareness can flow out of each of these openings and travel through the astral cords/magnetic field lines or ley lines that surround the earth. The Body of Light can only travel through those cords associated with the elements Hydrogen and Helium. Likewise for the other Mental Bodies. They can only travel in their own specific worlds. You can’t bring emotions into the mental planes. They can’t exist there.
The flip side of this is that the Body of Light can travel the lower planes in a limited manner and pickup black and white detail. It can get a basic grasp of what is going on. The same holds true for the mental bodies. They can be integrated into the emotional realms but with limited sensory details. This is how we objectively gain awareness of our emotional nature and begin to work with it.



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The Spiritual Planes



We can continue the metaphor of the atom and the 118 possible electrons that circle it. Each of the 118 fragments of awareness gives a specific sensory detail that adds richness to our perception of the world.

These electrons form rings or shells around the nucleus of the atom. The two first electrons form the first ring or shell and create the elements hydrogen and helium. Using this as a metaphor for soul development the first bit of awareness possible is the hydrogen awareness.

One bit of awareness is unity and only manifests to us as the spiritual experience of unity and light. You can’t do much with one bit of awareness because it has nothing to work with. The addition of the second bit of awareness or helium awareness creates archetypal reality.

The two bits of awareness work together like black and white to create images and three dimensional forms. These bits of awareness create the highest astral world and the highest astral body. This is the source of the soul.

The human astral body at this level is human shaped with no distinct features much like a balloon. It is just light in human form. Occultists call this the “body of Light”. It is formed from the energies of the crown chakra and forms a ball of light or halo about two inches above the top of the head.

Two bits of awareness is all that the first inner shell can hold. It is complete and seals itself against all the rest. This barrier is what creates the “Great Abyss” of occult literature.

When integrated into the personality these two bits of awareness form the “body of light” and give “Christ Consciousness” or “Cosmic Consciousness”. This is also the level of unity and the resolution of paradox where all things come together in a form of self evident truth.

These two bits of awareness are Spiritual energies and Spiritual forms of consciousness that can be developed. There is also an astral world created out of these elements that exists in the outer atmosphere of the earth. This astral world is archetypal and consists of magnetic flux lines or tubes that electrons travel through. The human “Body of Light” can also travel through these tubes.


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Soul Fragments



Continuing the atom metaphor we can think of the human body and soul as a single atom. The physical body is the nucleus and the soul or astral body is the electron cloud or aura that surrounds it.

The nucleus of the atom consists of protons and neutrons while the electron cloud consists of only free electrons. Neutrons are protons and electrons combined together with a neutral electrical charge.

Protons carry a positive electrical charge.

If we apply this metaphor to the physical body we may consider nerve energy as the electrons moving through pathways within the physical body. Cells of the physical organism can be seen as capacitors or batteries that store and discharge energy. They also act to filter and purify energy and transform it into other types of energy.

Modern medicine and modern science deal with the nucleus of the human body and do not recognize the electron cloud, aura or soul as it is often called. They focus completely upon the nerve energy within the physical body and not the energy that circulates through the astral cords or magnetic flux lines surrounding it.

Using a different metaphor they mistake the physical brain and the firing of nerve synapses for awareness. A computer can imitate intelligence and be interactive. Still it is not the physical computer that is interactive. It is the program and software that is interactive.

What I’m getting at here is that awareness and the ability to interact lies in the software/aura/soul and not in the computer/brain/physical body. The human brain is a transformer of energy and acts like a computer. It is the hard ware but not the software.

The software of awareness and human thought lie in the astral planes. Returning to our metaphor of the atom each atom has one or more electrons that circle around it. A new element is created with the addition of an electron and a proton.

In the physical universe there are 118 elements possible. That means the heaviest element has 118 electrons circling the nucleus according to the general field theory of Dewey Larson.
The human soul was once a photon and evolved through the stages of mineral and plant life before it became human. Each human soul is an advanced life form and has 118 bits of awareness or types of awareness.

These 118 bits of awareness are soul fragments and our task is to integrate all 118 soul fragments into one integrated whole. Each fragment or electron has its own awareness and deals with a particular type of energy or element of life. It is a perception or sensory input that interacts with the rest of our world.



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The Soul



If we continue the metaphor of the atom and the electron cloud that surrounds it we can generalize to include the soul and its development. The soul is a spark of awareness like an electron. It once was an electron and a spark of light.

Through the eons the spark of awareness grew more complex and its awareness included more things. First it was simply a spark of divine light pulsating outward as a photon and then returning to source as an electron.

That was before it started to rotate. Think of the electron and the electron cloud that surrounds the atom. The cloud is made up of magnetic flux lines or astral cords that create the pathways for the electron to travel through.

Perhaps it might help to think of these astral cords as tubes because that is more like what they really are. They are tubes that the electron goes through. These tubes surround the earth and create its magnetic field or aura. These tubes also surround each one of us and create our aura.

Our awareness travels like electrons through these tubes at the speed of light. As our awareness or soul travels through these tubes we have the sensation of being aware of our physical bodies.

The soul is a complex electron that has evolved into a complex plasma like energy that travels through the tubes or astral cords that surround our physical bodies. It can also be developed to the point it can leave our physical bodies and travel through the tubes surrounding the earth and the tubes surrounding other people.

First the soul can travel only through the tubes that surround the physical body. It only has an awareness of the physical body except at night when it escapes while we are sleeping. In dreams it travels through the tubes that surround the earth. These nightly journeys are astral travels.


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The Atom



Just what exactly are the astral planes anyway? You hear the phrase over and over. You read about the astral planes in books. Are people even talking about the same thing when they use the word?

It is a certainty that they are not. The subject of the astral planes is so confusing that even the experts disagree. What I am going to do is explain the astral planes in a very specific and scientific perspective that is far more comprehensive and accurate than anyone else I know of.

This is possible using the general field theory of the late Dewey Larson. The astral planes are scientific and exist in a concrete and scientific way. They operate in very specific ways and follow very specific universal laws of nature. This subject will be addressed in stages until it is explored thoroughly through the use of metaphor.

Each metaphor will introduce an element of the astral planes and place it in a specific context. Other metaphors will add to the basic understanding until the astral planes can be intuited in their completeness.

The first metaphor is that of an atom. The atom exists as heavy particles in the center called protons and neutrons circled by electrons that form an electron cloud and create the outer physical boundary of the atom.

The electron cloud is another name for the tracks or paths the electrons follow as they orbit the nucleus of the atom. These tracks or paths can also be called magnetic flux lines or astral cords. Astral cords are magnetic flux lines and electrons travel through them at the speed of light.

The electron cloud is the aura of the atom. The aura of the physical body is the electron cloud that surrounds the physical body. This is the magnetic field energy of the physical body and created out of magnetic flux lines. The aura of planet earth is called the astral planes. It is created out of the earth’s magnetic field energies and consists of magnetic flux lines or ley lines as they are sometimes called.
These metaphors are exact. The so called astral planes are not planes but layers of magnetic flux lines or astral cords packed tightly together and interconnected. They are pathways that exist for electrons to travel.
Electrons and human awareness travel these pathways. Our souls are complex photons or divine sparks of light. We might call them electrons. Simple awareness is a point of light or an electron. Each one of us is a star! We can send our awareness as a point of light or energy out beyond our physical bodies to travel within the electron clouds of other people or of the earth itself. This is the root of psychic phenomenon.
The development of our “star” into astral bodies creates awareness that can travel outside of our physical bodies. This is the goal of magickal development.

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