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9th Degree Magickal Initiation


    The 9th Degree belongs to those that have crossed the “Great Abyss” and entered into a new state of consciousness and awareness that is beyond the mental. Through the ages this awareness has been termed “Comic Consciousness” or “Christ Consciousness”.

This awareness involves the direct perception of self-evident truth on a global and universal scale. The 9th Degree initiate simply “knows” things through direct perception.

The crossing of the “Great Abyss” is also entry into the stages of “unity” and membership into the group of Adepts known as “The Great White Brotherhood”. This group of advanced souls guides and directs the human race in it’s evolution.

In crossing the Great Abyss the Adept taps into the raw power of the Cosmic itself and makes a quantum leap into a new state of being. All old attainments are stripped away and a new permanent “Immortal Body” is born or created. This new immortal body is called a “babe of the abyss”. It is the source of the term “born again” and “virgin birth”. That is because there is a sexual aspect to it’s creation.

In other posts and writings of my own I have openly stated my belief that the Gods and Goddesses of various pantheons throughout history were once human beings that attained to “Godhood” through the development of the “immortal physical” body as it is called by some. That is why the 9th degree also holds the secret of sex magickal practice.

In essence sexual arousal and passion create a bio-electrical charge within the person or persons engaged in sexual activity of any type. This energy floods the body until it completely fills it up. This bio-electrical energy or charge should be channeled up the spine toward the “Spiritual Light” and the crown chakra. Sacred vows of “chastity” do not require abstinence but instead require a sense of the sacred and holy connected to sexual activity and its generation.

It is the cumulative formation and collection of this bio-electrical charge over time that results in the creation of the “immortal physical body” and the attainment of “Godhead”.

All of creation is the result of the combination of male and female energies and I have written much about this duality in my own writings. Crowley adds an interesting twist to this that is supported by my own Rosicrucian studies.

The male and female through physical sex produce the miracle of life and this is happening at all levels of life throughout the universe. But true power and immortality come from the union of male and female energies through physical sex when no physical child is conceived. When this energy is forced to flow backwards within the body the combined male and female energies result in the development and birth of an astral child.

This reversal of the natural flow of energy was considered an abomination by some since it meant inventing ways of having sex that did not result in pregnancy and childbirth. The danger lie in losing sight of the sacredness of achieving the godhead and falling into abominations of non sacred sexuality.

In today’s world we might even consider modern types of birth control including the male having a vasectomy as a method that would generate sexual energy and force it backwards through the body without pregnancy and child birth. This is also why most sex magickal practices are auto erotic.

Alchemically what happens is that seven sheathes or astral bodies are to created one at a time. The first is of Luna and a babe of the abyss. The second is of Venus. The Third Mars, the fourth Saturn, the fifth mercury, the sixth Jupiter and the seventh Sol. These also correspond to the seven lower sepheroth and the seven chakra centers of the body.

If we say this another way astral bodies are created out of spiritual, mental, emotional, sexual, etheric and physical energies. Each type of energy creates a specific type of astral body with specific abilities and characteristics.

The creation of these seven bodies leads to the final development of the “immortal physical” body. This final astral body is the synthesis of all the others. It marks the culmination of “inward magickal development” and the beginning of “outward” magickal development.

We are meant to be Gods and Goddesses and our most important and supreme efforts should be toward that attainment. Is summary it is possible to become Gods and Goddesses and many before us throughout history have done this and the pathway is a known one.

This supreme secret of developing the soul and becoming Gods and Goddesses through the generation of bio-electrical sexual energy has not only been at the root of all religions and mystery schools of the past but will also be the root of all religions and mystery schools of the future. As above and so below, the spiritual light will always be associated with the phallus and sperm while the moon and the earth will always be associated with the female mysteries.

Like the yin/yang symbol neither male or female will ever encompass the divine in totality. There are mysteries for the male that are incomprehensible to any female and likewise there are mysteries for the female that are incomprehensible to any male. Each has it’s mysteries, worship and devotions and they complement each other, needing and using each other to create stability and unity in self and in the creation of the universe.

If you are male, follow the male mysteries and if you are female, follow the female mysteries. In so doing each can become the God and Goddess. Be ever mindful that there is always another half that is with held from each. We are divided for the sake of coming together.


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8th Degree Magickal Initiation


The higher degrees of magickal initiation invariably talk more and more about the mysteries of sex magick. It is worth noting that the 8th degree also carries administrative functions such as the chartering and administration of a “Temple” and giving the higher degree initiations up to the 8th.

The 8th degree initiate is becoming much more involved with group energy dynamics and magickal group energy workings. This means magickal progress is two fold. It is both individual and group.

It is nearly impossible to give a rational comment of this degree. Crowley talks around the subject of “Gods” having relations with “mortals” and of how various cultures and religions have talked around this same subject.

He attempts to give historical credibility to the notion of some type of sexual relations and activity between non-physical beings such as God/desses, Incubi/Succubi, fairies. The obvious intent is to illustrate the importance of certain types of “Astral Dreams” that involve not only a sexual element but culminate in the “birth” of an “astral child” or “babe of the abyss”.

The adept is said to beget a child upon the great Goddess herself.

I had this experience over fifteen years ago shortly after crossing the Great Abyss. It was the beginning of what I have called “soul mate” cycles and what Crowley called “Scarlet Women” experiences in which seven astral bodies or vehicles were created over a period of several years. One astral body was created is a cycle with one of the seven women.

I was at the time working with Mantak Chia’s method of cultivating sexual energy and am living proof that his method works as well as Crowley’s methods. My generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy pulled me into “astral relations” with actual living people that had chakra energies compatible with my own. The result was the mutual creation of astral bodies for both of us developed out of that shared energy. I did not have physical sexual relationships with most of them as this was not needed.




The birth of an astral child was the very vivid birth of a living baby complete with an umbilical cord and covered with some blood. That astral child became the new dwelling place for my awareness. It was the birth of what I call a “permanent astral body” created out of soul mate energy. Or perhaps the birth of the “Immortal” astral body.

Previous to this happening I had developed an astral body with that type of energy out of “collective” or “group” energy. The creation of an astral body out of “group” or “collective” energy always precedes the “birth” of an astral body out of “soul mate” energy.

The bottom line here is that this has happened throughout history in all cultures and within all religions.

The 8th degree initiate is to form sexual relations with one of these “non-physical” entities in the hopes of creating such a “child”. Crowley suggests using “Elementals” to begin with. I find much of this rather bizarre since my own “succubus” type experiences turned out to be astral encounters with women that physically existed and that I had some type of connection to. My encounters were “spontaneous” and not chosen. The energy seemed to build until it leapt like a lightning strike to find a suitable astral companion.

Thus my experience here differs widely from what Crowley suggests. I believe there is no need for the concept of elementals, fairies , succubus and such to explain a natural and purely mechanical process that is automatically driven by the daily generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy.

Simply put we share energy astrally with a magickal partner that is compatible to us and something grows inside both of us because of this experience. The energy in time grows into a permanent astral body of that type of energy.

Lastly the initiate is warned that this process can’t be lightly undertaken since it is attempting to reverse the very energies of life itself. If we stop we leave ourselves wide open for disaster since we are working with the substance of our very core. If we falter or reverse ourselves there is no protection that can help us. We are totally vulnerable to this energy we have created. If we allow it to turn evil it will mean disaster for us. This is similar to how a created thought form left on it’s own will become malevolent.



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7th Degree Magickal Initiation


    OAK teaches that all of creation is formed out of the photon or light and it’s reciprocal electricity. The photon or light is an expansive outward movement and is considered “male” energy. Electricity on the other hand is an “inward” movement and is considered “female” energy.

The “Sun” is considered the creator of all life and recognized as such by all people of all times. In this manner the “Light” of the “Sun” is sacred and worthy of worship. OAK also reflects this thought in the consideration that everything is reducible to the photon. It might also be said that everything that exists is a “type of evolved photon”.

It is worth mentioning that there is a “hidden” sun behind the physical sun. This is the “black sun” that exists as a black hole at the center of our galaxy. This is symbolized as the cosmic mother or Goddess.

In like manner the sexual/bio-electrical energy within the human body is the creator of human life. This energy is generated during sexual arousal and floods the physical body before entering the astral planes.

This sexual/bio-electrical energy should be generated and “lifted” up into the “light” as a sacred act of devotion in which the “lesser” light is lifted up to become one with the “greater” light.

The student should on a daily basis generate this sexual/bio-electrical energy and channel it upwards toward the spiritual light. Thus will the aspirant become a store house of this energy and a magnet for more subtle magickal energies drawing to him or herself spiritual encounters of a higher nature.

This might be seen as auto-erotic devotion and worship of the sexual/bio-electrical energy generated through sexual activity and circulated upward toward the spiritual light.

Crowley sees this as a form of Phallus worship in which the phallus and sperm are seen as objects of devotion instead of the sexual/bio-electrical energy itself. They are symbols of the “lesser light”. While his message is distorted, the effect is the same in that the initiate is encouraged in auto-erotic practices through worship and veneration of the phallus.

In worshiping the phallus, the real work of generating sexual/bio-electrical is begun creating magickal strength in the practitioner and magically attracting secret events of a higher more spiritual nature that can only be hinted at. (meaning of course the beginning of sexual succubus like experiences and culminating in the “birth” of an “astral child”. This self-begotten astral body is the beginning of the creation of the “immortal” body and of magickal power.)

The summary of this degree is simply that generation of sexual energy on a constant basis is cumulative and will propel one toward the needed experiences for additional soul development.


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6th Degree Magickal Initiation


    In one sense the 6th degree is an administrative degree and continues working with group energy. While the 4th and 5th degrees allow the initiate to form their local circle or chapter the 6th degree grants authority for a larger group like a Lodge.

The 6th degree initiate has more responsibilities in terms of initiating others through the higher degrees as well. Still there is higher knowledge transmitted in these higher degrees beginning with the 6th.

It would serve no purpose to comment on these initiations in specific detail. These concepts do remain of interest to OAK members and other occult students, especially in the areas of sex magick and the development of the seven sheathes and immortal soul body or the achievement of “Godhead”. In short these teachings involve the development of the “soul”.

This is done through the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy and it’s mingling or “nuptials” with “seven brides” or “seven scarlet women”. There are at least two paths to the achievement of this quest. One is through the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy as suggested by Mantak Chia. This is the path I have personally followed and experienced for over seven years. The other is through the various practices described by Aleister Crowley as he understood them and practiced them.

The true understanding to be shared in this degree is that of the “seven brides” or “seven scarlet women”. As the male generates and develops his sexual/bio-electrical nature he will attract through magnetic attraction/love a suitable partner and exchange sexual/bio-electrical energy with her. This sharing of sexual/bio-electrical energy will culminate in the development of one astral body or “sheath” as it is sometimes called. When the process is finished there will be no more attraction/love between the two and they will be free to move on. This general process is to be repeated at least seven times with different women, brides or harlots.

This is why love sparks and then dies within many relationships. It sparks and works to create an astral body for both partners. When the cycle is finished the energy no longer has anywhere to go. Each person has grown as much as they will within that relationship

A common mistake in occult groups is the concept of “polyamory” in the sense that reaching the 6th degree a male or female candidate might be told to look around the group and choose a sexual partner of their choice or swear to perform sexually on demand of a brother or sister.

My problem with this issue is that the ego chooses when rightfully it is the energy that must make the choice and it must be mutual. In such cases it also often helps to realize that a “cycle” is involved and this “love” one feels for the other will be sated at the end of the cycle when they no longer need each other. In this manner it might happen that one person will for a short time leave their partner of choice when entering a “cycle” with someone else.

Another common error is the belief that these “nuptials” must be physically consummated with the exchange of physical sexual fluids. “Internet sex” is a growing term for a type of nuptial that takes place entirely on the astral planes and reflects more accurately the true nature of these nuptials and the development of the soul. Today people are routinely falling in love and dreaming about people that they have met only on the internet. These relationships give a succubus or incubus type of experience.

What happens is simply that when the energy of two people combine in the right way something is created and each person can feel it grow. They feel they are “more” than they were before they met the other person. That is what makes a “magickal” relationship.

In summary I will say the secret of this degree is not about indiscriminate sex. These nuptials are truly “soul mates” and the relationship is one of love even if it is not physical sexual love and the mingling of bodily fluids or their consumption.

The secret is the need for seven brides or husbands, one for each chakra with its own particular type of energy and love and passion. When the cycle is over each partner is free to move on going separate ways but still loving each other. Let the energy choose!


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5th Degree Magickal Initiation


    In this, the 5th degree a choice is made and once done it can never be undone. This degree is true entry into brotherhood and sisterhood with the blessing of the God and Goddess. It involves the mysteries of group energy linking and integration.

Everything prior to this point has involved working with individual energy and individual effort. Group energy and “organizational” energy has long been utilized by politicians and the mass media. The 5th Degree Initiate is not only part of a group. He or she is now the leader of a group and the focus point of it’s magickal energies.

At the conclusion of the initiation the candidate finds both true bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood in the forging of physical/magickal links with other members and establishes permanent connection to the “Spiritual Light” as a cosmic power source. This initiation marks the “Adept” and confers the powers of the “Adept”.

The 4th Degree initiate may struggle to find people interested in forming a circle or lodge. It is the 5th degree initiate that will “attract” members! The 4th Degree may have the power and authority but the 5th degree has the magickal power to attract new members. This is an important transition point in how the magickal energy flows and how things manifest in physical life.

In some manner the 5th degree initiate develops the support of community and becomes empowered by it. They have begun the process of making their personal belief system compatible with normal society and attractive to the public at large. As they gain supporters their personal power grows.


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4th Degree Magickal Initiation


    In Masonic and Magickal Orders you will find an initiation that is often called “The Royal Arch Degree”.

The Royal Arch Degree in all branches of Freemasonry is but a diluted symbolic version of the OAK Energy Ball Meditation as it contacts each chakra center and cleanses it on it’s way downward into the center of the earth itself. As such the OAK Energy Ball meditation is the real thing only symbolically enacted in Crowley’s ritual.

Depending on which branch of Freemasonry is involved the initiate needs to symbolically excavate and clear seven or nine secret chambers to at last reach the lost word. These seven or nine secret chambers are the seven chakra energy centers within the body and also the one directly above the head and beneath the feet for a total of nine.

In the OAK Energy Ball meditation this process is actually done with very real results. This method was known in the past but lost. Only OAK has rediscovered the true experiential meaning of this very important degree. The OAK energy ball meditation will be covered in later posts.

The OAK 1st Degree Initiation. This is an addendum to the 4th degree or Royal Arch initiation and marks it’s closing when properly done. This is when one’s Higher Self sits firmly on the Spiritual Throne and regulates one’s life in balance. This process can only be discerned by the initiator.

In the OAK system this marks the completion of the Energy Ball Meditation when performed in a group setting by a trained person leading the group. The energies of the group are used to help the individual blast through obstructed areas and connect the energies of Spiritual Light deep into the core of the earth.

It also aligns the initiate strongly with the energies of the OAK Egregore. A person that has completed the OAK 1st Degree Initiation is qualified to initiate others and form their own lodge or circle. This is a physical initiation and entry into an entirely different level of magickal practice.


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3rd Degree Magickal Initiation


    Symbolic Freemasonry and this 3rd degree initiation as a Master Mason or Master Magician is simply the most profound and powerful that I know of. In my opinion this initiation gives what the “Blue Lodge” only promised.

The symbolic murder of the Master continues with a search in “all directions” for his body symbolizing that all paths must be taken before the right one can be found. This is echoed elsewhere by the sword that turns in all directions keeping Adam and Eve from returning to Eden and the story of Parsifal doomed to travel all roads before he can find salvation.

The metaphysical and occult secret of this is that once you step onto the path leading toward “God hood” and the reversal of the life force energy you will encounter this phenomenon over and over again. You will not be allowed to progress until you have given 125 %. The natural elasticity of the astral and the tendency of the universe to resist change will resist your efforts until you have given much more than needed.

Like Parsifal doomed to travel all roads, you can only advance when you have no where else to go. In many ways this is like trying to dam a river and plugging all the escape paths for the water until no escape routes exist and the water is allowed to build up behind the dam and gather power.

Once things change in your favor however, that same elasticity and tendency to resist change will work for you instead of against you.

Magickally this initiation shows how an astral body can be created by the initiate through the generation of intense physical effort. Envision the candidate struggling under a burden of heavy chains he or she can barely carry struggling forward widdershins in an enclosed magickal circle for nearly an hour to get a general idea. Then focus that entire generated physical energy back into the initiate as they are “raised” back from the dead as a “Master Mason”.

An astral body is truly created although it is created of “group” energy mixed with the initiates and not “pure” energy as created in the “scarlet women/soul mate/seven brides” cycles of the higher degrees.

These Scarlet women/soul mate/seven brides cycles come later, first is the creation of an astral body out of “group” energy or “collective” energy.

The problem is that this merely gives the “illusion” of success through the creation of this astral body. The magickal link remains to be created and nothing of value will happen till the magickal link exists. As the initiate continues to generate more of this energy he or she will develop the magickal link and be drawn into a scarlet woman/soul mate/seven bride cycle. This will permanently establish his or her power in that particular energy.

There are two parts to magickal empowerment. They are the development of the magickal body and the development of the magickal link. Both are mechanical processes that simply require the physical body to generate a specific type of energy allowing it to accumulate until both are accomplished.

The development of a magickal body can be as described through the generation of energy within a magickally closed circle. The creation of the magickal link is to simply give out energy until it goes around the world and comes back to you. You give until you get back…..This is what creates the magickal link. In the mundane world we call it simple competency.

In the creation of this astral body the initiate is truly able to experience that life and consciousness can and do exist independent of the physical body. This is the true gift of this initiation.


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The Soul of Humanity



I swayed as a wave of light swept over me and lifted me into an altered state. I had just finished a self initiation from one of my weekly Rosicrucian Monographs. The energy in my living room was incredible. I had never felt anything like it. My hair felt like static electricity was every where.

Slowly I opened my eyes. They were drawn to the center of the living room. A seated figure was floating about three feet off the ground. He was dressed in a robe and his aura radiated love and authority. He didn’t say anything but the message was clear. You have done well, you have earned this visit.

I didn’t believe what my eyes were seeing and carefully moved around the floating figure viewing it from every direction. It did not vanish or go away. It was very real. It lasted for an hour before fading away.

That is what the Rosicrucians were to me, very real. One of the things they taught was that humanity shared a single soul. We are all part of the same soul. We are all part of each other. The Collective Soul of humanity is very real and very powerful.

It has been known by many names. Ancients called the soul of humanity “Adam” or “Adam” and “Eve”. The “God” and “Goddess” are the guiding intelligences of the human race. They are very much human and very real. “Adam” is the male portion of the human soul and “Eve” is the female portion.

In their combined form they are simply termed “The Collective”, “Cosmic Consciousness” or “Cosmic Awareness”. To contact these divine intelligences is to achieve “Christ Consciousness”. This has always been the goal of mystics around the world. The Rosicrucians were just one school of thought but they were very real.

There are many schools that are real and each person will be drawn to the school that is right for them. OAK is such a school and will attract souls in harmony with its concepts and practices. Each must trust their hearts and instincts in this.

We share a common soul but like the human body there are many different systems. In the human body the circulatory system is different from the digestive system. The respiratory system is different from the nervous system. This is a metaphor that tries to show how belief systems can be radically different yet still valid in the greatest context.

Each system of thought, each school has a magickal power or current that flows through it and through all individual members that belong to it. This current is real, this magickal power is real. You can feel it when you come in contact with it.

Walking a solitary path is not valid in this sense. There are only a small handful of mystics and magicians capable of “bringing fire from Heaven” and tapping into the raw power of the cosmic. Even they need initiation into a valid school for early training and soul development. This training allows them to reach out even further to the Source. Everyone else needs initiation into a magickal current of collective energy. This is done through membership in a valid school.

I was drawn to the Rosicrucian current and initiated into it at the age of eighteen. This was followed by later initiations into the Traditional Martinist Order, York Rite of Freemasonry and Ordo Templi Orientis.

It was the Rosicrucians that helped me in my journey across the Great Abyss. OAK is the “fire” that has been entrusted to me. It is the gift I have been given to share. OAK is a valid magickal and mystical school. Its initiations are real and empowering. They bring a person in contact with the energy of the new eon that is now surging through this world.

You will know in your heart if this energy is compatible with the energy of your own soul. You will know if this knowledge is what you are seeking. The attraction or repulsion will be very real and very strong. Take a few minutes to reflect upon your own reaction to these words and sense their rightness or wrongness for you.


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2nd Degree Magickal Initiation




The principle power and ordeal of this degree is to publicly come out of the closet and openly be known for who you are and for what you believe. There is trickery implied within the initiation itself that suggests the possibility of “coming out” in a way that does not hurt or cause damage or endangerment to one’s social status or employment.

This initiation begets two types of initiates, those that openly proclaim publicly who they are and damn the consequences and those that find a way around the obligation to fulfill it through word but not through spirit. In this manner cleverness is seen to be equal to the ability to take pain and hardship thus planting the seed that deception of others might be admissible conduct.

Freemasonry has the story of a Knight that was charged to openly declare his membership by publicly posting a bill containing the particulars of his membership to a forbidden organization. The clever knight wrote his own information on the “back” of a different bill and posted it in public so that others saw it but could not read what was written on the back.
Some Knights were angry saying he had cheated. Other knights felt that he had shown true brilliance and should be rewarded. His trickery was allowed. He became a superior in the Order….This initiation seems to be somewhat based on that old story.
In addition to publicly coming out of the closet the initiate is also taught the importance of guarding and coming to the defense of his or her brothers and sisters. Even the strongest warrior has moments of weakness and it is at these times that the support of his or her brothers and sisters is most needed.
I can vouch that openly coming out of the closet is a very empowering experience. Anarchist World is my open proclamation of who I am and what I believe. It has been incredible!
All too often people get the wrong impression and are led to believe something when the opposite is the truth. There are always two ways to view something. Take the word “Anarchist” for example. Many take the word in a context different from the way I use it. I use the term “Anarchist” as someone that places the “inner voice of their conscience” over external authority. This is a mystical and spiritual conception.



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1st Degree Magickal Initiation


    The 1st Degree Initiation is a very serious thing that creates a magickal link between the initiate and the Order that lasts for life. This is a very serious matter not to be lightly taken.

We consider this Initiation entry into the egregore of the Order. When we cross this threshold our entire being crosses and our very essence will be contained and to a degree controlled by this egregore. The egregore is a force stronger than us and we voluntarily submit in the understanding that such submission will mold us in the way we are meant to be molded. In a way the egregore of the Order is a “soul catcher” and we place our “trust” in it.

As this egregore envelopes and contains us it also isolates and protects us from outside influences. The ties we have with other non-Order influences are severed one by one until there is only the Order itself. We are to find everything, even love within the Order. This of course is only my interpretation of what happens. Every group has it’s own ways.

During this initial initiation we are brought into contact with a magickal current called “The Light of Life”. This is represented by the pentacle we are given at the conclusion of the ceremony. In solving this riddle we consider that “Spiritual Light” is represented by the sun in the lower degrees and in the higher degrees “The Light of Life” is represented by sexual/bio-electrical energy. Thus in this first initiation we are in some manner impressed with the sexual/bio-electrical energy of the Order through a physical initiation.

This energy is transmitted through the initiator who is a channel for this energy. It should be noted the 1st Degree initiation does not involve sexual practices. It merely involves an introduction to sexual/bio-electrical energy generated through ceremony by the men and women within the group. Many Orders require that males initiate females and vice versa. This is true of Gardnerian Wicca.

We get a glimpse of a magickal Order founded on and created out of sexual/bio-electrical “Light of Life” energy and “grounded” through hard physical activity and ritual. This reminds me more of the “shamanistic” path than the mystical path. The Shamanistic path involves the crossing of a lower abyss and the connection to a “power animal”.

There is not much “mysticism” to be noted within magickal groups although literature is littered with the concept of “raising” the “Light of Life” or “kundalini” into the “Spiritual Light”. All things considered, when you take the sexual/bio-electrical energy teachings and combine them with the mystical Literature describing and leading to the crossing of the Great Abyss, you have the recipe for becoming a God or Goddess and developing the seven sheathes or astral bodies and the “immortal body”. This is the true source of magickal power known to the great mystery school of the ages. It is the combining of the Cosmic “Light” energy and the “Dark” Earth energy that brings true magickal empowerment.

In magickal Orders I find the process to be first the magickal path and then the mystical path while OAK first follows the mystical path and then the magickal path. In this manner they are true reciprocals of each other. The interesting thing is that the OAK energy ball work finishes the Spiritual aspect of the Great Work and can be done in a matter of days leaving more time for developing the earthly connection.

The “earth connection” and entry into the “shamanic underworld” is rapidly achieved by the generation of physical activity like martial arts or physical training of some kind. Athletes do have magickal power in their abilities to manifest physical events. If you want to enter the shaman underworld sign up for marine boot camp. In two months your lower astral body will be activated and your “earth” connection will be strong.

It is the “middle” sexual/bio-electrical energy and the development of the astral sheathes and “immortal body” that takes years.

What I’m saying is “magickal orders” follow the magickal path first and then the mystical path while “mystical orders” like the Rosicrucians follow the mystical path first and then the magickal path. This makes OAK a “mystical order”.

In this degree the candidate is requested to become familiar with the techniques and accept them as a guide to life. I will comment on these techniques in later posts.

The energy current that passes through the new initiate will increase his or her vitality and magnetism. This means they will both attract and repel things more strongly. Their lives will become more intense and there will be a growing need to gain mastery of these new energies.


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