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The Astral Planes

The Astral Planes



We have explored how cellular life evolved from a photon driven energy system that forced evolutionary changes and quantum leaps into new organizational patterns. This is basic chaos theory. We have also spoken about how cellular life gave off living energy into the astral. There was something that remains stable and allows the cell to remain a cell even when it attracts nutrients and expels waste matter.

This organizing intelligence seeks to keep the cell alive and vital. In higher organisms this forms the rudimentary Shadow or Id. It is a secondary personality responsible for keeping us alive and healthy. The Shadow creates the neural pathways inside our brain. When our awareness is linked with the Shadow it remains within our physical bodies. It is also the beginning of our “Soul”.

Upon death the life force leaves the dead physical matter and leaves an astral ghost or memory trace of the entire life time from birth to death. These memory traces exist within the time/space universe as the astral worlds. The astral worlds show memory traces of the ghosts of the past and of the future as it  has already happened.

Our awareness is an individual energy pulse that has selected one particular life time and is traveling through that life time experiencing it as full 3 dimensional sensory awareness in the present moment. Metaphysically we are where our awareness is.

The astral worlds cover the entire earth. The pulse of our awareness can travel through the astral worlds as well. In Jungian psychology this is known as the “Collective”. Freud called it the “Super Ego”. Mystics call it “Cosmic Consciousness” and magicians call it the Holy Guardian Angel.

It is not really alive until we encounter it. Our awareness brings it to life once more as we re-live things that have happened before. In reality the astral consists of astral cords or pathways through time and we can choose where the pulse of our awareness will go. The pre-existing routes we term “destiny” or “fate”. They lie in our future and in the astral we can explore them ahead of time so to speak.

The thing is that we don’t need to travel these old “ghosts”. History does not need to repeat itself. We can create new pathways through time. Magickal work is the forging and creation of new astral pathways and experiences that have not existed before. It is changing the future and perhaps even the past.
Individual awareness has evolved beyond cellular life. It has evolved into human life. When we consider life as a photon driven energy system that makes quantum leaps it means human awareness is a photon driven energy system.

Our awareness contains compound molecules and the cells of our physical body. Our awareness contains the bions or emotions and thoughts our bodies generate. Our awareness travels in astral bodies as we sleep and travels the entire earth and the astral planes. Our awareness also travels as a pulse through the memory traces of individual souls giving us the illusion of being that person.
Even more important, just as the organizing intelligence of the cell is independent of the physical matter that passes through it, our own awareness is independent of our physical bodies and continues as an energy pulse of conscious awareness upon the death of our physical bodies. Awareness is independent of matter.
The fact a particular life time exists in the astral as a memory trace is proof such a life time existed but the fact that in the astral the future can be seen is also proof it has already happened. We, as a pulse of awareness are simply re-living and re-enacting a massive video game in the hopes of getting a better score than the last pulse of awareness that moved through it.
When we are born the game begins and when we die the game is over. The trick is to create the future we desire astrally before we experience it physically. When we can do this we have won. The future, “HGA” or “collective” traps us within a “destiny”. Our “Shadow” is the only hope we have of breaking free. Our physical bodies and physical circumstances are illusions that we trap ourselves within. We break free of the illusion by developing the seven astral bodies and integrating them with our Shadow aspect.

Occult and mystical literature are filled with references to the astral planes and the creatures that are said to inhabit them.  The entire topic is highly controversial and subjective.  Some of the more pragmatic call the astral planes our “dream world”.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been told not to confuse the “levels”.  Something that I am apparently pretty good at!  What are these mysterious levels anyway?

O.A.K. takes a harsh, scientific view of the astral planes and comes to a few interesting conclusions that are sharply at odds with some widely held beliefs while supporting others.

O.A.K. maintains that each physical object and each living thing is a “resonant circuit” made up of both inductance and capacitance.  The physical body stores and discharges energy.  The “aura” or “soul” is the magnetic field that surrounds the body.  The strong current of bio-electric energy that flows through both the “capacitive” body and the “inductive” “soul” is what causes self-awareness.

To briefly summarize in non-technical terms, everything that physically exists forms a “resonant circuit”.  Light causes it to grow and expand in complexity and to interact with its environment.  A return current is generated that is electrical in nature. This “life” current is forced to circulate endlessly within the circuit until physical death.

Without the physical body self-awareness does not exist.  Death of the physical body breaks the “resonant circuit” and all remaining energy tries to return back to the “source” as electrical energy which is met by an outgoing burst of “light” energy and forced into another physical body that is more advanced and complex than the old one…ect.

What is important is to perceive all physical objects as having both a physical body and an “aura” or “soul”.  These two components are inseparable and work together to stabilize the physical object or life form.

In a similar manner the earth is surrounded by a large magnetic field and is a “resonant circuit”.  The earth’s magnetic field contains the “collective” magnetic fields of everything that exists upon it.  This huge “resonant circuit” works to stabilize the entire earth and everything that lives upon it.  It is a dynamic force of raw nature.  The universe we live in is made up of photo/electrical energy, magnetic field energy, and physical atoms and molecules.  While higher, more complex forms of energy do exist they are all reducible to photo/electrical components as described in the last chapter.

There is no need to create fantastic magical worlds and creatures when it is possible to use existing technology to explain “subjective” experiences.  These “subjective” experiences involve individual awareness and how life energy flows through us in a “resonant circuit”.

While everything is reducible to photo/electrical components, individual awareness is not normally found in photo/electrical energy or in magnetic field energy over long periods of time.

“Illumination” may come if a person’s awareness is advanced enough to transform into photo/electrical energy.  This subjective state does not last any length of time and a more “normal” state of awareness always returns, albeit higher and more advanced than before the “illumination” experience.  This  suggests that awareness does not normally exist as photo/electrical energy over long periods of time.

Magnetic field energy is by nature a vortex energy and awareness transformed to this type of energy would find itself either strongly focused by South pole energy or rapidly dispersed by North pole field energy.  Either way awareness at this level is not stable but is in a transition phase.

For all practical purposes individual awareness would not appear in a lasting manner as either photo/electrical energy or as magnetic field energy.  It does exist however, in physical life forms.  This is important evidence that a physical body is needed for individual awareness.

Individual awareness is obviously more than a physical body.

For example, every physical atom is surrounded by its own magnetic field.  An atom is both  one or more electrons circling around a nucleus and a magnetic field that encloses it.

The more complex the atom or molecule the more complex the magnetic field or “aura” that it has.  In electronics a magnetic field is termed “inductive” and has “flux lines” within it.  It is usually generated by passing electrical current through a coil.

Also in electronics physical atoms and molecules have both resistance and capacitance.  Resistance is something’s ability or inability to conduct electrical energy.  This is not of interest to us at this time.

Capacitance is a physical objects ability to store or discharge electrical energy.  This is very important to us because when capacitance and inductance are equal in an electrical circuit a “resonant circuit” is formed.

This “resonant circuit” stabilizes itself and resists change.  It also has a large flow of energy within the circuit itself with a very small amount of energy entering it or leaving it.  If not for the resistance within the circuit itself the flow of energy would be perpetual once it began to flow.

“Resonant circuits” allow us to listen to radio stations or to watch television channels.  They are a very important part of the electronics industry.  The portion of the circuit that is resonant is called the “tank circuit”.

The “tank circuit” in any physical object would include both the physical body and the magnetic or “astral” body.  Large amounts of energy would constantly flow from the physical body to the “astral” body and back to the physical body in an endless loop.  This “tank” current is what causes life and individual awareness in higher life forms.

In elements and compounds this “tank current” determines the behavior and life span of the physical object itself.  Because of this the magnetic layers around the earth contain a large “tank current” that determines the behavior and life spans of everything on earth.  All living things including humans must conform to the greater needs of the earth itself.

If there is a need for a massive earthquake to relieve internal stresses there is nothing that man can do to prevent it from occurring.  The massive “tank currents” of the earth’s astral planes shape man’s destiny and not the other way around.  Man must find a way to conform and live in harmony with these mighty forces of nature.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the earth’s “astral” planes and its characteristics.

The lightest elements like hydrogen and helium are at the outer edge of the earth’s atmosphere and their magnetic field would naturally be found at the outer edge of the earth’s atmosphere.  The heaviest elements like #118 if it exists would naturally be found deep within the earth’s surface as would it’s magnetic field.

Many elements do not exist in their pure form in nature, they exist as compounds.  Still, they are individual elements and the magnetic field for each element exists as does a composite magnetic field for the compound.

O.A.K. proposes that there is a magnetic “layer” around the earth for each element that exists.  This would mean that there were 118 inductive layers surrounding the earth as part of the earth’s “resonant circuit”.  These 118 layers are known more commonly as the “astral planes”.

In addition O. A. K.  also proposes that the astral planes around the north magnetic pole are what is commonly known in metaphysics as the spiritual/astral plane having all layers from the lowest to the highest but with expansive energies.

The astral planes around the south magnetic pole form what is known as the magical plane and is involved with the formation of physical reality.

Probably the best way to understand the “astral planes” is to explore them one at a time.  To do this an assumption is made that an element’s astral layer will share the characteristics of it’s physical counterpart.  This follows the time honored phrase, “as above,  so below”.  This refers to the occult tradition that “astral” events are intimately connected to physical events.

If this phrase holds true it should allow us to “map” the astral layers that surround the earth and give us insight into it’s true nature.  Also following occult tradition we will begin with the heaviest, “material” levels and work our way upward to the lightest, “spiritual” levels.

The reasoning for this approach is that our “astral body” normally resides inside the physical body.  Together they create a “resonant circuit”.  The “astral body” will not travel outside of the physical body unless the physical body has stored enough energy to propel it outward for short periods of time.  This happens in our dreams as we sleep.

During dreams astral contact is made with other astral objects or life forms. This always results in an energy loss or energy exchange where the dream ends. The physical body did not have enough stored energy to maintain the connection. The physical body is depleted of its energy and the “astral body” is forced to return to the physical body.

This energy draining aspect of the astral is why we begin with the lowest astral levels in our exploration.  They are the closest to physical reality and most important to our physical survival.


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Magickal Power and Bions

Magickal Power and bions


When a crystal is struck physically or by light it may give off electricity. This is called the piezo-electric effect. Living cells give off bions when they are stressed or when they die. These bions are small particles of astral energy created from the breakdown of chemicals within the living system.

Emotional energy is one form of bion but mental energy, spiritual energy, sexual energy and physical energy are all forms of bions produced by the human body.

Each chakra center creates and functions with its own type of bion associated with specific organs of the body. Bions don’t really have their own energy. They are astral creations and draw energy from physical substances.

They also draw energy from light and from the earth. Emotions are largely produced by the digestive system in the breakdown of nutrients to create energy. Mental energy is generated from the firing of nerve synapses and depletes the body of potassium and sodium.

We experience the movement of bions within the body as emotions and other types of astral energy including thought.

The human body creates spiritual, mental,emotional, sexual and physical energy through the chemical breakdown of compound molecules and cellular tissue.

Any type of magickal energy depletes the body of vital nutrients. The energy is created from the breakdown of chemical bonds in molecules stored within the cells in the body. This is why many people are so exhausted after magickal workings. Their physical body has been doing all of the work. The cells are releasing the energy as bions.

There are others sources of bions as well in the environment. Burning incense, candles, or heating potions do the same thing and create bions that circulate in the room adding catalyst to the magickal working. Wilhelm Riech observed that the destruction of organic matter created bions and Orgone energy.
He also observed that bions and Orgone energy clustered around living things, especially plants. These bions could be collected and their effects would be more intense. The effect of Orgone energy, bions or magickal energy is the same. It acts as an accelerant and speeds up or ages what ever it comes in contact with. It will cause a chemical reaction to happen more quickly. It will cause radioactive material to decay more rapidly. It will find the weak spot or illness and attack it. It uses things up and the physical body needs to replace the depleted material.
At first there is a toxic quality to working with bions and astral energy. As the body becomes more efficient at replacing its energy reserves the toxic effect goes away and is replaced by a vitality. The vitality is increased magnetism as the physical body draws more nutrients to itself and expels toxins more easily and rapidly. Increased vitality also increases the available energy stored within the body to be used at will.
In healthy people the magickal practitioner seems younger because new fresh nutrients are being drawn into the body at a faster rate than normal and waste material is effectively eliminated easily and quickly. Bions act as a tonic to keep the body healthy by making everything function at an optimum level.
The body is created to act like a sponge strongly attracting and drawing in what it needs and forcibly ejecting toxins. It needs to be emptied and it needs to be filled up again. Maximum health can be attained through hard work and exercise on a daily basis.
In magickal work it speeds up the attainment of some desired object or goal. In protective magick it can neutralize toxic energy by aging it until it becomes harmless. In this manner we see that bions drain stored energy from physical objects and people to maintain their own existence.
Bions will accumulate in certain objects as well as in physical bodies. At other times they float randomly near the earth’s surface carried by the water and wind. Bions are astral formations capable of sustaining themselves by drawing energy from light and the breakdown of chemical compounds as well as drawing energy from the earth.
In practical terms the quantity of bions we have available for magickal use determines the voltage and charge of our available magickal energy. The type of bions determines the type of magick we will be able to perform.
Bions will simply float around us as an emotional or astral cloud unless we have an astral body developed to control and direct the flow of bions. Without an astral body we can not control these bions and make use of them. The exception to this is that our Shadow and our HGA are fully functional and independent entities with astral bodies. In the beginning it is either one of these that will make use of our magickal energy. This is why an important magickal task is to integrate our Shadow or HGA.

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The Boundary Between Physical and Astral

The Boundary Between Physical and Astral


The secret of astral vs physical first shows up at the cellular level. Somehow there is a guiding intelligence and organizational awareness surrounding each living cell. This organizing and guiding intelligence remains even when new nutrients pass into the cell and waste materials pass out.

What this means metaphysically is that something exists independent of raw physical matter. It also has the ability to detach from old matter and attach to new matter. While the cell lives this is the vital life force and the aura that surrounds it.

When the cell dies this aura or “ghost” moves on and is attracted to another living cell. It assists this new cell to follow its old behaviors.

In these two examples we find both living astral entities and spirit or ghost astral entities or organizing intelligences. The living astral intelligence has the sole purpose of keeping the individual organism alive. It is created from the vital life force of living things and ultimately creates the “Shadow” aspect or “Power Animal”. It is worth noting that this “Shadow” of vital life force can transfer itself from one cell to another in order to remain alive.

In occult terminology a shaman’s Shadow can be transmitted to an apprentice that is properly trained. The Shadow exists in the astral as living “life energy”.

Spirit or ghost organizing intelligences move more easily from one organism to another. They form the group soul of a species and will sacrifice the individual for the good of the collective. This holistic organizing intelligence seeks to maintain the entire ecosystem in balance so it can sustain life permanently.

It contains the wisdom of what has gone before and offers a path for new life to follow. In the individual this creates the “Holy Guardian Angel” aspect.

As cellular life evolved into organisms they split into male and female. The rudimentary Holy Guardian Angel aspect attached itself to male organisms and the Shadow aspect attached to female organisms. The task of the HGA was to keep the ecosystem balanced and the task of the Shadow was to create new life.
In todays world things have evolved to the point where we find the HGA and the Shadow aspects in both males and females equally. One aspect will be dominant and the other will be dormant waiting to be developed. Biblical terminology has called those with the HGA dominant “Sons and daughters of God” and those with the Shadow dominant “Sons and daughters of Man”.




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The Evolution of Life

The Evolution of life

The first major evolutionary stage was the photon pulsing in space in a vibratory motion that is echoed within all living things. As the photon was propelled through evolutionary stages it passed through the light spectrum of violet,indigo,light blue, green, yellow, orange and red giving us for the first time the seven divisions found everywhere in nature.

These have been called the seven rays and each ray has its own mystery school. The second major evolutionary stage was the photon rotating in space as it expanded and contracted. This created the magnetic field energy vortexes, black holes and magickal cones of power. This is the core element of attraction and repulsion that we experience in all aspects of daily life. Cosmic rays, radio waves and x rays belong to the radio spectrum.

We can see the number seven at work here in the seven keys of the musical scale on the piano keyboard. Each musical note is a harmonic of a color.

The third major evolutionary stage was the photon’s magnetic field extending outward and then doubling back on itself in the creation of a pulsing rotating sphere of energy.

This first rotating sphere of energy was the physical atom Hydrogen. It had one electron and one proton and had physical mass. This photon continued to be propelled through evolutionary stages with the continued addition of electrons and protons.

Hydrogen evolved into Helium and so on through the entire elemental series and the creation of 118 elements. The seven electron rings were gradually created through the evolutionary process. The first ring had two electrons, the 2nd and 3rd had eight, the 4th and 5th had 18 and the 6th and 7th outer electron rings each had 32 electrons possible.

Each ring formed a barrier or shell that contained the electrons inside it and resisted contact with other neighboring rings. Only the outer rings had contact with outside influences.
Each of these seven rings exist as astral rings around the earth with Hydrogen and Helium at the outer edges of the earth’s atmosphere. The 1st ring is spiritual energy, the 2nd and 3rd mental energies, the 4th and 5th are emotional energies and the 6th and seventh are physical energies.

These electron shells also exist around the physical body as auras or astral bodies. There are seven astral bodies possible.

We’ve covered pulsation, attraction and repulsion. In the last essay we talked about how the elements were created in a linear fashion with the simple addition of an electron and proton. We also talked about the number seven and how we can see it in the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven notes of the musical scale and the seven electron rings of the atom itself.

The next major quantum leap in that of compound molecules and modern chemistry. All possible elemental combinations are tried. Long chain molecules are formed with positive and negative charges.

This is where modern science leaves off and is in the dark. The next major quantum leap is the creation of an entirely new type of particle. There is a universal force that propels growth and evolution within the universe.

New photons are constantly being inserted into a finite space and forcing the older ones to quantum leap into new types of energy and existence. What happens when the final atom, #118 is created? The fourth major quantum leap is into chemical or molecular energy.

In the physical world a molecule is formed. In the astral world a bubble is formed that contains the “blueprint” of the photon as it evolved from light into magnetic vortex energy and finally into elemental forms. This bubble surrounds the molecule as its “chemical charge”.

Molecules of complex compounds are created according to natural law and probability. These complex molecules have the ability to store and discharge energy. Molecules can have positive or negative charges or valences. We perceive this chemically and understand it scientifically.

The fifth major quantum leap encircles and contains all previous growth. It creates a new particle and a new type of energy. Perhaps the best way to think of this “bion” is like a cell with DNA in the center of it. Except there is no DNA in the center, only a straight linear blueprint from Hydrogen as the first element through the evolutionary stages to the final unknown 118th atom. These bions exist in the astral as what Wilhelm Reich called “DOR”, deadly Orgone Energy.

A charged astral bubble surrounds molecules or entire objects and charges it with negative or positive electrical charges. These “DOR” bions culminate with advanced compound molecules called amino acids. We still don’t know all of them. What we do know is that amino acids somehow bring about life. “DOR” bions are charged particles that penetrate everything. They are extremely reactive and act as a catalyst that brings about advanced chemical changes within organisms.
They are also deadly to living things and accelerate illness and death. They are responsible for putrefaction as living matter deteriorates into its chemical forms. “DOR” bions are created both when compound molecules are stressed and when organic matter decays. According to Wilhelm Reich they are also responsible for radiation sickness.

We are moving away from Dewey Larson’s reciprocal theory at this point. Dewey Larson explains the evolution of matter from the photon up to and including compound molecules. It’s time to take a break and review things we know so far about the photon making evolutionary quantum leaps into new types of energy systems. This process is more of what chaos theory is about.
Still we can make a few general statements that seem valid. During this evolutionary process the original photon appears to “grow” both in energy and in mass. White light is the combination of the entire light spectrum. It contains all of the other colors. This means it is somehow greater and more complex than each individual color. It also has the combined energy of all the colors as it pulses through the universe. The “older photon” seems to absorb younger ones and contain their energy as its own.
Things become a bit more clear when we consider the evolution of the atom from Hydrogen with one electron and proton to the 118th atom with 118 electrons and protons. The 118th element contains the characteristics of Hydrogen in potential. Its inner electron shell is completely full. This is the same for all the other elements. This final element has the most mass and the most energy. We can generalize that the original photon turned atom grows and acquires more substance and complexity through this evolutionary process. Thus our first generalization is that the original photon grows and acquires other “photons” somehow.
Perhaps a better way to explain it is that as the original photon pulses the outer pulse is the older pulse. The older pulse is the one forced to make quantum leaps and change characteristics. It is the older pulse that contains the younger and fresher pulses. This means the atom is an energy system in which light pulses through the center becoming first Hydrogen and then evolving outward until it reaches the final outer ring.

This means the center of the atom is feeding it and causing it to “grow”. Strictly speaking it does not acquire new electrons and protons but grows them from within its core of pure pulsing photon energy. We can modify our generalization to say the atom evolves and grows because of an internal pressure from the original photon source that forces the system to expand outward. The outer most electron contains the system and determines its characteristics.
We can generalize further to say there is an original source of photon energy that pulses and radiates energy outward into our universe at a particular point. This source injects light into our universe and forces growth through evolutionary quantum leaps. Thus we have source and outermost pulse as the two most important features of any energy system. The source drives the system and the outer pulse determines its nature.
Let’s skip Wilhem Reich’s DOR particles and move to his Orgone Energy particles called Bions. Reich claimed that organic cells when destroyed or stressed produced pulsing energy particles called Bions. All living matter contains DNA chains and cellular walls that organize and contain the cellular structure.
We can theorize that somehow life evolved because of a quantum leap from complex molecules like amino acids into cellular life forms. A living cell has the original photon driving it to grow and expand. It also has the energy and mass of complex DNA molecules at its core as well as amino acids and other components. It is the outer edge of the cell that somehow knows how to absorb nutrients and expel waste matter so it can continue to live.
There is a tremendous amount of energy that controls and directs the cellular functions. This is something that exists astrally in the electron cloud that surrounds the cell and determines its function. This bion is a rudimentary “Life Awareness”. When the cell is destroyed or stressed this bion is released as a free particle that can attach to other cells. It is a free floating bit of life energy.

Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Theory does a good job of explaining how each atom is a photon driven energy system that is forced to expand and age as it evolves additional protons and electrons. We can reframe this to say each element has a half-life and will eventually age. It is unfortunate that in physics and chemistry the evolutionary process is called the decay process.

As the atom evolves it gains both energy and complexity. An atom of Hydrogen will not remain an atom of Hydrogen even if it wanted to. It will one day age and become a Helium atom. Chaos theory gives us the next clue as to what happens at the formation of the final 118th element.

An atom is a photon driven energy system confined in a finite space. Energy is continuously added to this finite space until the finite space can no longer contain it and the system collapses and reemerges as a greater energy system.

Restating this an energy system will progress in an orderly manner as energy is applied until it reaches capacity and becomes stressed. The stress period is termed the chaotic period resulting in the breakdown of the original system. The evolutionary leap happens when the system reactivates on a higher octave as a new type of system with a new type of order and progression.
For atoms the next stage is the formation of molecules. In the formation of molecules we find our next general universal principle. There are atoms that like to combine with only the same element and atoms that like to combine with different elements.

For example Hydrogen can be found as Hydrogen molecules of two combined Hydrogen atoms or it can be found forming compound molecules with other elemental atoms. One type of Hydrogen likes to combine and form compounds while the other seeks to remain pure.

For the sake of future discussion we can call these “Spirit Hydrogen” and “Earth Hydrogen” or any other respective element found in nature. The first has a North Magnetic Polarization and the second has a South Magnetic Polarization. North magnetic pole energy seeks to remain pure and South magnetic pole energy seeks to combine with other elements.
We might theorize as our first photon driven energy system breaks down with the creation of the 118th element it creates a “black hole” at the center and at it’s outer edge it creates the finite limit of a new energy system we call our galaxy. Each galaxy consists of a black hole at its center as the primary energy source driving the entire system and the outer edge that determines its final nature.
As the new energy system emerges we see the spontaneous appearance of both “Spirit” atoms and “Earth” atoms scattered throughout the entire galaxy in space. The Big Bang theory postulates an explosion at the center of the universe with an outward velocity and force in all directions from the center. There have been problems with this idea. Chaos theory alters this with the implication of random and chaotic appearances of new atoms within the finite boundaries of each galaxy. These random appearance are the births of  new and more complex energy systems that combine to gradually form solar systems.
The hallmark and identifying characteristic of any completely new energy system is a recalibration and connection to the original photon. The new energy system is accompanied by a burst of “light” or photon energy. Each star is an energy system that gives off “light”.

This giving off of light is something we will explore in greater detail later. For now it is enough to generalize that the appearance of light or photon energy signals the “birth” of a new energy system in harmony with the original source. It is a harmonic or higher octave of the original. This is why the beginning a a new age is always accompanied by a burst of spiritual light and teachings.

Wilhelm Reich discovered a life energy he called Orgone energy. When living cells were stressed or destroyed they gave off an energy called bions. He believed these bions were the life energy that created cellular life.

We have previously explored the concept of a photon driven energy system that propels itself through the evolutionary process.

The photon made a quantum leap to North and South pole rotating magnetic field energy and the entire magnetic spectrum.

The next quantum leap propelled the original photon into the creation of the first atom and the creation of all 118 possible elements.

The next quantum leap involved the creation of molecules. I suggested the creation of Spirit atoms and Earth atoms. Spirit atoms tried to remain “pure” and Earth atoms readily combined to form complex compound molecules including amino acids.

It was the next quantum leap that created cellular life and bions. When we consider cellular life we notice something very new. Some form of organizing intelligence remains while nutrients are absorbed into the cell and waste material is expelled. This organizing intelligence can exist independently of the physical cell itself.

This “bion” absorbs and contains the photon energy of all the numerous atoms within the physical cell. It lives off the numerous photon energy systems within the physical cell. When the physical cell dies the “bion” moves on to find a newer and more healthy cell.

As the “bion” feeds off the physical atoms within the cell compound molecules break down and give off energy. The nature of a “bion” is to accelerate the normal evolutionary process of each photon driven atomic system. It causes the atoms and molecules within the cell to “age”. As they age they break down, give off energy and then get discarded.
Bions and cellular life both evolve through seven evolutionary stages similar to the seven electron rings within the atom. The youngest bions are violet while the oldest bions are luminous yellow green. The poisonous or toxic effect Wilhelm Reich noticed about bions was due to the acceleration or aging effect they had on living systems. Dehydration was noted in particular as water molecules were broken down into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Bions also accelerated the decay of radioactive elements and caused some radiation sickness.
In general small amounts of bions increased health by tapping into the photon energy of individual atoms and the breakdown of compound molecules. Large amounts of bions were toxic at the cellular level because new nutrients were not absorbed quickly enough and the waste material was not passed quickly enough out of the cell.
Bions are progressive energy systems and go through the evolutionary process as well. As the human system or living system grows and uses more energy it learns to tolerate more energy and draw more energy into it. At the optimum level each bion can tap into the raw photon level of light and electricity without the destruction and aging of the compound molecules. This is the rejuvenation effect Reich noted as the human system adapted to bion energy. The living system became immune to the toxic effect of the bion and gained energy from it instead.

Before I get too involved in the evolution of life I need to back track a bit and cover some previous territory a bit better. My apologies but this is a rough draft and I’m sorting these concepts out as I go. I’ve covered the universe as a photon driven energy system that is forced to evolve as new energy is progressively added to the system within a finite space.

What I would like to cover more is the photon cycle of vibratory motion and the quantum leap that is made at the end of the cycle. This cycle happens in both universes of time/space and space/time or the physical and the astral universes.

Vibratory motion is most often depicted as a sine wave with four definite parts. The first part is the outward pulse of light as it expands in all directions until its energy is expended. This is depicted as the rising portion of the sign wave in a positive direction.

The second part of the cycle is when the outward energy is spent and the photon collapses back in on itself as a pulse of electrical energy That takes it back to source.

The third part of the cycle is when the momentum of the returning pulse pushes downward into a negative area as an outward north pole spiraling electromagnetic pulse.

As that energy is expended it collapses back toward its origin as a returning south pole rotating electromagnetic pulse. This completes the four stages of the complete cycle.
It is these four stages that we need to take a closer look at. As the vibratory energy of the photon increases the color changes. When the final color is created the system has no where to go and the energy begins to pile up at the end and feed back on itself. This back feeding process continues in reverse progression back up the light spectrum.

The energy system is in “chaos” mode giving off seemingly random energy. When the system backs up to its original point and connects with the original photon pulsing it dissolves back into light and makes the quantum leap to a new state and a new energy system.
This is more easily visualized with the creation of the elements. Hydrogen becomes Helium with the addition of an electron and a proton. This evolutionary process continues through the creation of all 118 elements. When the final 118th element is created the entire system has no where to go and begins to back feed on itself. The energy begins to pile up around the 118th element as radiation. As the energy continues to build a second atom of element 118 is created.

This creates the first molecule consisting of two atoms of element 118.The energy then continues backing up with the creation of a molecule of element 117 and so on working backward until the final molecule containing two Hydrogen atoms is created.

Again the system reduces itself to light and makes the quantum leap into compound molecules. The energy works its way down the compound molecule chain until it has nowhere to go and then backs itself up until once more the backed up energy connects with the source, reduces to light and makes the next quantum leap into cellular life.
It is this quantum leap into cellular life that I would like to clarify because each part of the cycle creates its own type of cellular life. Each type of cellular life follows its own evolutionary path and all four working together create the complete circle of life. All four are needed to sustain life and create a symbiotic system of mutual interdependence.
The first type of cell is the vegetable cell. The plant kingdom evolved from this type of cell. It gets nourishment from sunlight and the break down of molecular compounds. It gives off as by products organic nutrients needed for the next type of cellular life, the animal cell. These single celled organisms were the first primitive life and the result of the evolutionary progression. Plant cells originated on the first part of the cycle and animal cells originated on the second portion of the cycle springing from the organic remains of vegetable life.
As the energy started backing up two other types of cellular life were formed. These were the genetic basis for reptile and insect life. During the next quantum leap these living cells formed the basis for the respiratory system(vegetable), circulatory system(animal), nervous system(reptile) and the digestive system(insect).
The next quantum leap began the evolutionary process of each of these four kingdoms.

We can see the molecular chain created as Hydrogen evolves into Helium and so on. It creates the first strand of DNA molecules. The energy begins to back up at the bottom of the molecule where element 118 is and creates magnetic field energy that creates the outer boundary of the first cell.

The creation of the second DNA strand completes the cycle as a flash of light and life is formed for the first time. As more energy enters the system we see the first cell division as the twined double strand DNA separates with a single strand in each cell and forms two combined cells that are joined together.

They seem identical but one was formed in a progressive manner and is a male cell. The other was formed in an inverse manner and forms a female cell. The energy flow belonging to each is in different directions.

A male cell will act differently than a female cell. This is the creation of sex and gametes or sex cells. One forms a sperm cell and the other forms an egg cell. In each there is only one strand of DNA and it seeks to duplicate itself by absorbing nutrients from the environment and passing them through the cell wall.
The male cell absorbs light and passes energy through to the female cell. The female cell in turn creates physical nutrients and passes them back to the male cell. This is your standard XY chromosome pattern that represents the energy flow in two directions. This creates male physical life as we know it.
The female cell duplicates itself from the bottom up and forms the standard XX chromosome pattern that creates female physical life as we know it.
Earlier I talked about the four types of cellular life. These formed the basis of plant,animal,reptile and insect life. In this post we can see how each type of life duplicated itself through cell division.
During the next evolutionary quantum leap each type of life took organic matter from the others to form higher life forms with respiratory,circulatory,nervous and digestive systems. Each of these life systems was created as male and female and tied together in a symbiotic fashion. Once more the paradox is resolved through a quantum leap.

We have explored how cellular life evolved from a photon driven energy system that forced evolutionary changes and quantum leaps into new organizational patterns. This is basic chaos theory.

We also see a cosmic keyboard upon which this masterpiece is played. At first it seemed that seven was of primal importance. There were the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven musical notes and the seven electron rings surrounding the atom. There are also the seven chakra centers within the body and the seven astral bodies that can be created.

It appeared that in a progressive fashion nature utilized seven major stages before moving to the next evolutionary quantum leap. Understanding the way of return as the energy backs up on itself and moves in a reverse pattern back toward source shows us many more stations and distinctions. In the Kabbalah this reversal is known as the way of the serpent.

Insects are able to see colors that we can’t see. Other animals can hear and smell things that we can’t. The piano keyboard has the black keys as well as the white keys. In physical science there are 118 elements possible until a major evolutionary quantum leap is made.
Each evolutionary quantum leap moves the original pulse of awareness to a higher level of organization and intelligence. As element 118 contains many electrons and protons in contrast to Hydrogen which only contained one electron and one proton,the general principle seems to be that older pulses will absorb and contain newer ones until they can’t anymore. When they can’t contain anymore new pulses they explode and recreate themselves on a higher organizational level.
It is in the death of cellular life the next evolutionary leap is made. The oldest pulses of awareness became ghosts or astral memories of the cells they once were. This is an important metaphysical concept. Physicality came before astral creations. The astral ghosts or memories helped organize younger physical matter into new cells.
In this way history repeats itself by following the astral patterns of ghosts that have gone before. The astral worlds do not show us possible futures, they show us the future memories of those pulses of awareness that have gone before us. Our personal future is yet for us to make. There is only the present moment in time.
We are each a single pulse of awareness traveling through an astral life memory that existed before we entered it. Today I get to be Joe Bandel,aka anarchistbanjo. Next time I will choose someone else.

Like a giant video game I choose the character I want to play and hope I can improve on the score of the previous player. I see in the astral what the previous player has done and the choices they have made. I may make the same choices or do something completely different. This is why the game of life is the greatest game there is.

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Nothing But Motion

Nothing But Motion

“Nothing But Motion” is the title of Dewey Larson’s classic work describing his reciprocal theory. Everything is created out of motion. The simplest type of motion is vibratory energy. This happens to coincide with my own Rosicrucian beliefs.

All things are simply vibratory energy at the deepest and most fundamental levels of existence. Please keep in mind that the following is my interpretation of Dewey Larson’s work. He comes at this from a purely scientific framework while I am coming at the same material from a metaphysical and psychological framework.

The simplest form of vibratory energy is “scalar”. Scalar means an outward expanding pulse of energy in all directions followed by an inward contracting pulse of energy. We can easily see the photon as an example of an outward pulse of energy that is expanding in all directions at the same time.

We can see an electrical discharge as in inward contracting  pulse of energy. Combined we have light and electricity as flip sides of the same coin. They are reciprocals of each other and parts of each other like the yin/yang symbol.

In fact, outward expansive energy is metaphysically termed male energy and inward contracting energy is termed female energy. At the highest and most abstract we have the God of Light and the Goddess of Electricity. Together they form all of creation.

On a much larger scale our entire galaxy is slowly being sucked into a black  hole at its very center. When we look outward in any direction we see stars moving away from us and accelerating to near the speed of light. How can this be possible? Common thought is the big bang theory has caused this to happen and we are at the center of the explosion. How is that for ego centric?
Scalar motion offers a different perspective and explanation for the same phenomenon. Everything that is contained within our galaxy is trapped by the gravitational forces of the black hole at its center and being slowly drawn into it. In a scalar manner everything is slowly shrinking but we don’t notice because all things are shrinking around us at the same rate.
At the edges of our galaxy stars and other objects are escaping from the gravitational pull and expanding outward in all directions around us. They are expanding;we are shrinking. Since there is no frame of reference this is only noticeable at extreme distances.
Scalar motion and its vibratory outward and inward pulsing are responsible for the creation and movement of all things. This duality in action can also be called male and female energy.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Reciprocal theory is the concept of two separate but connected universes that co-exist together. They are the universe as we know it called Space/Time and its reciprocal or inverse called Time/Space. Each universe is three dimensional.

In our universe space or physical reality is three dimensional while time is linear. In the Time/Space universe time is three dimensional and space is linear. I immediately made the connection between this Time/Space universe and the astral worlds or dream worlds.

This led to some startling insights into the astral worlds. Among them was the concept of how gravitation works in the Time/Space universe or astral worlds.

In physical reality as we know it mass gravitates toward other physical mass. We are drawn gravitationally toward the center of the earth because of its physical mass. In the astral potential events would gravitate toward each other. Events gravitate and not matter. This would give several potential outcomes to any physical event. It would also mean events gravitate toward each other. This means important nexus points in time would exist where many things would be happening at once. Other time periods would not be as important and very little would be happening.
It was easy for me to believe that events cluster together. Many events are often triggered by one single event that has many deep and lasting consequences. In my own life I could see evidence of critical time periods where my life underwent radical changes. Critical time periods do exist.

He shows us how the basic building block of everything is the photon/electrical energy. The basic type of energy is vibratory energy that exists as outward and inward pulses of light/electricity. These vibratory pulses exist simultaneously within six dimensions. Three dimensions of space/time and three dimensions of time/space.

Another way to say this is everything exists simultaneously in the physical world and within the astral world. Metaphysical literature has claimed for a long time that there are two worlds, the astral and the physical. There are two bodies, a physical body and a non-physical body called a soul. Human life originated as a divine spark of light and evolved into its human form over eons.

It has also been said that foundationally everything is a form of vibratory energy. For the first time a scientific theory supports these claims. This is especially true when combined with modern chaos theory.

As energy pours into the universe evolutionary forces cause the vibratory energy of the photon to make a quantum leap into rotational motion. The photon evolves into rotating magnetic field energies of the entire electromagnetic spectrum including cosmic rays,sound waves and radio waves.

These rotating waves continue pulsing with an inward and outward movement forming an expanding vortex of clockwise North pole magnetic field energy or a concentrating vortex of counter clockwise south pole magnetic field energy.

Our galaxy has a massive black hole at its center that is driving the rotational forces of the entire system. One day our world will be pulled into that black hole and cease to exist. Again these magnetic vortexes exist simultaneously within two worlds, the physical and the astral. Occult and magickal theory term these vortexes as “Cones of Power”. The clockwise cone of power is considered created out of “Spiritual Energy”. This is because it resists merging with other types of energy and remains pure. It cleanses and purifies.
The counter clockwise cone of power is considered a “Manifesting Energy”. It will mutate and merge with other types of energy to aid in physical manifestation. This is an energy of change and transformation.
The third quantum leap is the resolution of paradox and union of these male and female vortexes. They combine to create spheres. In the physical world they create atoms with atomic particles. In the astral they create astral objects. Astral objects are always the combination the two types of energy. This shows the basic polarity of the universe and life itself.
Outward expanding energy is termed male energy. Inward contracting energy is termed female energy. It is in their union that objects appear. In a greater manner the union of the space/time universe and the time/space universe create the life we experience.

Continuing with this exploration of Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal theory: We find two basic types of movement within the universe and within life itself. There is an outward expansive movement such as the photon. This has traditionally been termed male energy and associated with light.

There is an inward constricting or formative shaping movement such as electricity. This has traditionally been termed female energy and associated with earth energy and physical matter. These two movements continue into the living world.

We see these pulsations in breathing, the heart beat, the peristaltic movement as food moves through the intestines. We see it in  how muscles constrict and relax and even in sexual orgasm. Tension and relaxation are the dual forces that rule existence.

In nature the gravitational pull of the moon as it combines and then opposes the gravitational pull of the sun create the tides of the ocean and the weather. These dual forces create a pulsing action that moves energy,fluid,blood,air and many other things. These dual forces are movement! Life exists to experience this full range of expression and the life force suffers when this pulsing activity is blocked or hindered.
Like a living sponge we need to absorb and contain as much energy as possible and then wring ourselves completely dry by the end of the day. Absorb and expel giving this energy the greatest opportunity possible to flow through us daily.
We find this concept echoed in the works of Wilhelm Riech in his study of orgone energy, the living force of life. He believed all mental and emotional illness were the result of blockages of this  pulsing activity. He expressed the expansive movement as orgasm and the constrictive movement as anxiety. Illness arose from not allowing the full range of expression.
We find the works of Wilhelm Riech compatible with the reciprocal theory of Dewey Larson as well.

The first type of motion found in the universe is pulsating motion or vibratory motion. The second type of motion is rotational motion and is associated with rotational magnetic vortex energy. North Pole magnetic energy creates an expanding vortex and South Pole magnetic energy creates a constricting vortex. We subjectively experience these as forces of attraction and repulsion.

We are magnetically drawn to certain people and events. We are magnetically repelled from others. Attraction and repulsion happen at all levels of human experience as well as in physical science. I choose to deal with human experience. Dewey Larson deals with the scientific applications.

We might be mentally attracted to a particular subject and want to study it in detail. Perhaps a song on the radio really brings out our emotions and it becomes our favorite song. Love and passion are physical and sexual types of magnetic attraction.

Repulsion works the same way. We avoid things in life because they repel us. Some times we feel pulled into situations we can not escape from. Other times we can’t seem to reach our goal no matter how hard we try. Our goal repels us!

All of these subjective experiences are powered at core level through the basic magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. What we understand about magnetic fields helps us understand what we need to do to achieve our goals.
Opposites attract is the cosmic law of these rotating magnetic vortexes. The North Pole energies are attracted to the South Pole energies. The expansive male energy is attracted to the restrictive and forming female energy. In like manner same repels. South Pole energies repel other South pole energies. North pole energies repel North Pole energies.
This is also the law of co-dependent relationships.  Each person feels they have found their missing soul parts within the other. They see in the other what they sense lacking in themselves. They stick together like sand burrs stuck on their own stickers constantly hoping for integration and acceptance and finding only differences.
Healthy love relationships are based on mutual sharing of common things. This can only happen when each has developed both energies within themselves. Each has recognized the male and female energies of their own soul. One partner will default to spiritual or mental things like meditation and artistic creation and the other will default to the biological demands of daily living like cooking and family but both will have open access to the other’s world.
They will each have shared moments of understanding and accord that support and fuel their relationship needs. Understanding differences will strengthen individual roles and self esteem as loving partners help each other through the highs and lows of life.

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Spiritual Light and the Seven Seals

Spiritual Light and the Seven Seals

Light has always been thought of in a positive or even spiritual sense. It brings light into the darkened areas of our world and allows us to see. Spiritual insights are called “illuminations”. To be “illuminated” is to be bathed in spiritual light and love.

Modern “New Ager” types even call themselves “light workers” because they believe meditating upon “spiritual light” will have beneficial effects in their personal lives. Religious works of fine art depict major religious figures as having halos of golden light around their heads. Subjective “religious experiences” often involve the sensation of being “baptized” or “enveloped” in a spiritual light.

In fact, it is the hall mark of what has been termed “Cosmic Consciousness.” Light is very important in the scientific community and even considered by some physicists as the basic building block of all physical matter. The O.A.K. matrix considers the photon as the basic building block in nature and attempts to show that everything is reducible to having the photon as its first and primary cause.

The photon radiated outward in all directions in a burst of radiant light. When it could go no further it began to collapse inwardly and a burst of electricity raced inward to the center. The inward rush was terminated by the next outward pulse of light as they collided. The second pulse of light prevented the first electrical burst from reaching the center and forced it once more outward as light energy.

This time two light pulses expanded outward in all directions and then collapsed inwardly in a burst of electrical energy. The inward rush was terminated by the next outward pulse of light …ect.

This describes the photon energy system as it began to fill the universe with wave after wave of light and electrical bursts. Photon pulses in an outward expansive motion produced light in waves. Photon pulses in an inward direction produced electricity. As this energy system grew the original waves were forced further and further away from the center or original source. They were also forced closer and closer together until they touched. At that critical point the energy system failed and a burst of electricity joined with the next outward pulse of light without inward motion at all. The system was in chaos and the first quantum leap was made.
But in time it synchronized and combined with the next outward wave to carry it far beyond its old limits. It made a quantum leap and the system began to produce a different type of light energy. It began to produce a different color of light of a different wavelength. As this process continued the older, original photon bursts once again went through the same process as before, finally reaching a critical point where they became light of a different color and wavelength. In this manner the seven main groups of colors were created in succession. Finally, all colors were being produced at the same time and the system once more failed.
The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and violet. The seven colors of the rainbow! There were even smaller units or quanta within each color. Some traditions call these the seven rays and claim everyone has a special affinity toward one these rays and takes on the personality traits attributed to that particular ray.

What is important is that we are seeing a chaos energy system at work as it grows, reaches a critical chaotic point, and spontaneously changes into another type of energy system. New outward waves are constantly being created while the first original waves are being constantly forced into becoming new types of energy at the outer limits of existence. They are stretched and forced to grow and expand beyond all previous limits. The older waves are forced to evolve and change into new types of energy.
A photon is both light and electricity depending on its direction of movement. The photon is also where awareness begins. It is alive and aware in its own fashion. It uses the simplest type of motion possible, vibratory motion. To say a photon is alive and has awareness may be quite misleading. Its life and awareness may be compared to that of a computer or machine. We would not think of it as having any life or awareness at all.
Still, what are life and awareness? For humans, as long as we are alive and the vital life force flows through us we have a degree of awareness. When we die the vital life force does not flow and we have no awareness. O.A.K. maintains that awareness and life is the flow of energies both away from the central source and back toward it in a two way flow of alternating current. Outward, expansive photon driven movement is classed as male energy and inward, restrictive electrically driven movement is classed as female energy. We are a balance of male and female energy.

Our awareness is a pulse of light that has evolved through many evolutionary stages but still remains at its core a pulse of light. We are a pulse of light or a photon.
Awareness is indicated by the behavior something has. For example, a hydrogen atom will always act like a hydrogen atom and all hydrogen atoms will act in the same way. Together they share the life and awareness of “hydrogen”. Each type of light has its own special properties and characteristics that it follows.

These define its life and its type of awareness. As a photon “ages” its awareness alters as does its behavior. When a photon changes color it no longer has the awareness of its previous color and it no longer acts like its previous color. Its life span is determined by the time that it spends as a particular color. Then it dies and is “reborn” as a new color or a new type of energy.
Each new color is a higher octave of the one before it. The “oldest” colors have the highest frequencies and the most complex types of awareness and behavior patterns. In summary, light, life and awareness begin with a photon driven chaos energy system in the center of our universe. As it pumps wave after wave of light energy into our universe critical points are constantly being reached and the “oldest” photons are forced to change state and become new forms of energy that previously did not exist.

We are some of the oldest photons and we are forced to evolve into new forms as well.
Each new type of energy is a higher octave of what it was previously. A master cycle contains seven lesser cycles within it. At the conclusion of a master cycle the photon energy is forced to become a type of energy that is not light energy and is not electrical energy. A previously unknown type of energy is formed. This master cycle always follows seven lesser cycles.
Mystical and occult lore is filled with cryptic references to the number seven as is the Bible. Millions wonder about the seven great seals and the end of the world. Unfortunately they will still have to wonder since I am not even remotely qualified to open the great seals. In spite of this loss there are some things that may be said about the number seven.
It appears that light breaks itself up into the seven colors of the rainbow before it becomes a new form of energy. This pattern of seven octaves is seen elsewhere in nature. The musical keyboard contains several octaves that each have seven keys.
Interestingly enough there are also seven possible rings around the heaviest atoms. It can be theorized that as an atom adds an electron ring it becomes a higher octave than it was before. These three examples, light, sound, and physical matter are not in themselves conclusive but they support the theory that a chaos energy system will go through seven lesser cycles before going through a master cycle and becoming a completely new type of energy.
A word of caution about trying to find the number seven in other “cycles” in nature. This type of thinking can easily lead to “infinite regression” types of thinking and is not recommended. If it is not self-evident it may not be cost effective it terms of a return for your time and energy.
This point is so important that it can not be repeated enough times.



Delusions and pie in the sky idealism lead to helplessness and inaction. Infinite regression type questions are the easiest way to render someone helpless and ineffective. Anything worth knowing is self-evident and simple. Once someone points it out anyone can recognize it.

The O.A.K. matrix tries to collect a lot of self-evident and simple things and present them in a way that makes sense. To collect this information led to almost twenty years of “head tripping!” In a way it represents my struggle to regain a normal emotional and fulfilling life. It is my hope this work will prevent others from experiencing some of the tragedies involved in “Head tripping”.
It will become self-evident that a collection of “simple things” can be adequate for a general understanding of both the physical and the nonphysical worlds and for a life’s philosophy.
We have talked about how the entire universe is a photon driven energy system ruled by the laws and physics of chaos theory. The energy system progresses until it can’t anymore. There is no more room or space. It is at this point the energy system goes “chaotic”. As energy continues to be applied the system makes a quantum leap to a new kind of energy with new characteristics. There are seven smaller cycles followed by one master cycle that represents a major quantum leap into radical new territory and organization.
At the end of the first master cycle the “oldest” photons begin a new type of motion, rotational motion. This new rotational energy is magnetic field energy. The outward magnetic pulse travels away from the source in an ever increasing vortex. At its outward limit it collapses inward in a decreasing spiral that turns in the opposite direction returning toward the source only to be met by the next outgoing magnetic pulse …ect.

The basic pattern is always one of outward expansion until it can go no further and then is is forced to return back to the original source.
Magnetic field energy acts as a vortex. North pole vortexes are expansive and scatter the energy widely in an expansive motion.

The effect is one of taking focused energies and disbursing them. Because of its outward expansive nature North pole energy is considered a male energy in the O.A.K. matrix system. It is associated with pure light energy. As photon waves hit physical objects the expansive North pole energies lead to expansion, growth and aging.
South pole vortexes are constrictive and tend to focus energies and increase power. Electrons hit physical objects and as they are absorbed these constrictive South pole energies lead to restriction and permanence. South pole magnetic energy is seen as female energy in the O.A.K. matrix system. Male energy is expansive, female energy is attractive.
Crystals grow, life forms grow and new evolutionary combinations are tried. They age and die to be recreated by the action of both types of energy vortexes on a higher level. This happens at the critical point where north pole energies and south pole energies combine together and stabilize a rotating sphere. The union of north and south magnetic forces is seen as the resolution of paradox. The resolution is the quantum leap into a new state of being.
In practice, photon driven North pole vortexes create needed growth and expansion and the returning South pole vortexes ensure stability and flow of the electrical life force. This gives life and nature its cyclical nature. These lesser cycles terminate in the master cycle of death and total physical disintegration followed by rebirth into a new type of energy or life form that is an octave higher.
This explains some of the effects of magnetic field energy in our world today but in the beginning our world did not yet exist. Instead the central photon driven system simply generated an outward vortex pulse that reached its outer limit and collapsed in an inward vortex only to be met by the next outward vortex pulse …ect.
This electromagnetic energy is commonly known to us as radio pulses. The central system began to generate radio signals reaching out into space in all directions. The creation of electro-magnetic radio frequencies and signals was the second master cycle. The “oldest” photons were forced to become radio signals of greater and greater complexity.
At the end of this second master cycle the vortex energy reached a critical point where the system once again failed and this time the vortexes combined to form rotating spheres of energy. This was the resolution of the paradox. The system was now creating atoms of physical matter.

In a similar manner the North and South magnetic fields of the earth work together to make the earth turn in the same direction. In the rotation of a sphere we find the resolution of the paradox of opposites. In the duality of the universe there is always paradox and there is always resolution.
The third master cycle produced all of the elements that exist today beginning with hydrogen and ending with some still unknown to us. It is probable that there are 118 elements in all. This would completely fill the seventh outer ring and force the creation of a completely new type energy system. Each atom and element has its own life span and its own special characteristics.
The fourth master cycle produced molecules and compounds. As the “oldest” photons were forced to become molecules and compounds their awareness became that of the molecule or compound and their life span also became that of the molecule or compound. The magnetic field that surrounded the molecule was of a type and frequency that never existed before. It’s “aura” and behavior was more complex than anything that existed before.
The fifth master cycle produced cellular life. This is the first evidence of life as we know it. Simple one celled life forms floated on calm ocean waters. They absorbed light energy from the sun and grew. They absorbed minerals and electrical life energy from the ocean water and they lived! At a critical location and time on the earth’s surface life was formed. These cells were round with a nucleus and had a thin membrane for an outer cover.
Living matter was a quantum leap because for the first time intelligence and awareness was independent of physical matter. The individual cell retained an organizing awareness and intelligence that stayed as long as the cell remained alive. This organizing awareness and intelligence remained independent from the nutrients that passed into the cell and the waste matter that passed out of the cell.
Wilhelm Reich termed this life force energy Orgone Energy and each cell produced a “bion”. These bions were the first astral creations linked to living physical organisms. These bions collectively were the life force that circulated among living organisms.
Upon death memory traces remained within the astral as patterns for new cellular life to follow. In this way history and life could repeat itself over and over again.
The DNA pattern found at the center of each cell was literally the photon driven energy system that kept the cell alive and gave it the vitality to attract nutrients and expel waste. Each living cell was its own photon driven energy system keeping its own bion intact.
The sixth master cycle produced organic life forms that were asexual in nature. Male and female reproductive organs were found on the same life form. An example of this type of life form is some flowers or trees. The reproductive organs organized around the living life force energy at one end and the memory traces of past life at the other. One tried to maintain the life of the individual cell through adaptation to new environmental conditions and the other tried to maintain life by forcing it to travel a “destiny” or path that had proven successful in the past.
The seventh master cycle produced male and female life within the species. Awareness had split into male awareness and female awareness. This division of the sexes had a profound effect on a species ability to grow and adapt to new and unusual life conditions.
The two organizing awarenesses and intelligences emerged as organizing intelligences within each individual. In the male the “Collective” was dominant and the “Shadow” was dormant. In the female the “Shadow” was dominant and the “Collective” was dormant. At this point the male and female did not have much in common except the reproduction of the species. Men and women were not able to relate except in the functions of reproduction of the species.
The eighth master cycle produced human beings and for the first time self-awareness and the ability to reason. Both sexes contained the Shadow and the Collective as secondary personalities. The normal human ego was formed to mediate and rule these two alien personalities. The task of integrating these secondary personalities has been called erroneously the battle for one’s soul or the battle between good and evil. It is the task of the normal human ego to integrate both, not to submit to only one of them.
The ninth master cycle will presumably force humanity into a new type of existence and awareness that is an entire octave beyond what it currently enjoys. It will be as if humanity were to take a quantum leap in the evolutionary process!! While this ninth master cycle has not yet occurred, there are many that believe the beginning of this master cycle is imminent. In fact, it is probably the only thing that “new agers” and “end of the worlders” have in common. This is happening right now.

In summary, the O.A.K. matrix proposes there is a progressive photon driven energy system at the center of our universe. This central system is constantly inserting new “photons” into our universe and forcing the “older” photons at the conclusion of a master cycle to “die” and be “reborn” as a newer and higher life form and awareness. Each one of us at one time originated as a photon or spark of light. This type of system is compatible with modern scientific theories such as modern chaos theory basics and the unified field theory of physicist Dewey Larson as well as current understandings of magnetic field energies.
It shows that life and awareness can both be seen as progressive and evolutionary processes that follow the laws and principles of modern science, in particular chaos theory which states an energy system when progressed too far will become chaotic and at a critical point spontaneously transform into a new type of stable energy system.
The purpose of this chapter is to form a working interface between “hard science” and the rest of this book which is more speculative and philosophical in nature. My intent is to show the O.A.K. matrix as a philosophy based on science and simple self-evident truths. See for example COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS by Dr. Raymond Bucke, a timeless classic that investigates this experience of discovering self-evident truths.
“NOTHING BUT MOTION” and ” THE NEGLECTED FACTS OF SCIENCE” by Dewey Larson offer a unified field theory based mainly upon the photon and its special properties in the space/time universe and the time/space universe. I recommend any questions of hard physical science be referred to his work. O.A.K. centers on the subjective aspect of life experience.
O.A.K. accepts the hard science explanations and unified field theory of Dewey Larson. Still there are very significant deviations from this theory. For example, O.A.K. proposes the “inward scalar motion” be replaced by an electrical surge. These modifications do not detract from the validity of Larson’s theory in general and I am convinced that any discrepancies can be corrected. Dewey Larson’s work is pure science while this work is interdisciplinary and philosophical in nature.

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Few things can strike fear into the hearts of people like the word chaos can. In sword and sorcery fantasies the forces of Order are often locked in eternal battle against the forces of Chaos. The hero is a mere pawn that is used by these titanic forces only to be cast aside when no longer needed. At all costs the delicate balance between the two must be kept.

Most world religions claim the universe was created out of the void or out of chaos. Many of these religions believe someday the universe will one day return to the mysterious void from whence it came.

Chaos has been linked in our minds with evil and confusion. To behold the face of Chaos was to go insane. It is ever changing, constant motion that has no order and is completely random.

At least this has been the case in the past. Today the study of chaos is one of the most exciting areas that exist. Chaos theory is at the heart of this book and an understanding of some basics is essential before going on to other things.

Before we confront madness itself a little disclaimer is in order. I don’t claim to understand chaos or to have any serious degree of sanity, I do however, have quite chaotic thought processes which should count for something.

Throughout this book the pondering of imponderables will be kept to an absolute minimum, that is a promise I seriously intend to keep.

All the same a few of these chapters may seem rather dry to those that do not appreciate science and technology. Please bear with me and try to grasp the essentials. All else builds upon these early chapters.


This is the first point to understand about chaos theory. There is a place for everything. All viewpoints and all beliefs are valid and must be treated as such. Conflicting beliefs and data do not really conflict, they only seem to.
When any conflict occurs the view point is not broad enough to see the entire picture. You must be able to affirm EVERYTHING.

Here are a few examples:

“I agree with everything that you just said.”
“I agree that you know what you are talking about.”
“I’m sure that you believe what you are saying.”
“I hear what you are telling me.”
“Oh, were you talking to me?”

As you can see there are very many levels of credibility at which one can affirm something. This may seem like word play or stupidity but it is very important. If you believe all inputs are valid you will automatically be more tolerant of others and strive to understand their unique perspective. You will begin the process of unification.
You will mentally order things according to levels of credibility and start to think for your self. As you look around the self-evident truths will stand out screaming for your attention while superstitions and absurdities will take the lower levels where they belong.
With the discovery of each new self-evident truth, a strong feeling of freedom and excitement builds within us. Each shackle we loosen gives us new power and energy. Each concept we are exposed to stretches our minds and once stretched it can never go back to a smaller view.
This is particularly true in the area of parapsychology and metaphysics. Where everything is so subjective how is it possible to know what is true and what is wishful thinking? Does magic work? Are miracles possible? Do ghosts really exist and if they do can they hurt me?
These and other questions make our heads spin and lead us often to the very doors of Chaos itself, not to mention possible hallucinations and psychotic breaks. Let us be honest here. Many magical traditions make a point that such study is not for the emotionally or mentally troubled.
In fact, they encourage counseling and therapy as a supplement to their own studies.
Relax! This trip is not going to be an acid trip. The whole purpose of this book is to wed these “subjective” areas to hard science and to hopefully gain a more realistic perspective that allows us to live the kind of life we want to.

This next section gives some examples of what I call self-evident truths. It is only a small selection, but it should be enough to get your mental juices flowing and to illustrate what is meant by ALL INPUTS ARE VALID.


Any supreme being is by definition infinite and in the truest sense unknowable. It is a waste of time and energy to pursue infinite regression type questions such as the nature of God/dess.
Theological debates such as “how many angels can fit on the end of a pin” have been around for centuries. They effectively render a person harmless and passive while allowing the cynic’s positions of advantage throughout society.
If a personal relationship with God/dess is desired it will be found through prayer and meditation and not through “inspired” writings, doctrines, or organized religious movements. God/dess will speak through our hearts and through our conscience if we will listen.


We can argue until doomsday about what happens when we die and it will not change the way it really is. Just because we believe in heaven or hell doesn’t mean they really exist. We have no way of knowing until we experience it ourselves. If we have a personal relationship with God/dess it doesn’t matter what happens after we die.
There is evidence that self awareness requires both a “soul” body and a physical body. This implies the soul MUST reincarnate into a new physical human body after leaving the old one.
As already stated, there is no proof for this and belief or disbelief will not change the way things really are. There are several advantages to accepting this concept however.
Immediately we are confronted by the need to act responsibly. Heaven or hell are seen as states of mind and not as physical realities. They are mental and emotional realities.
We can not escape our problems through suicide because we will just find our selves back in another body facing the same or similar problems all over again.
We can create heaven on earth for ourselves and for our fellow human beings.
The Devil is seen as a scapegoat we use to avoid responsibility for our actions. “The Devil made me do it!” becomes one of the lamest excuses imaginable.


Each person is given a unique perspective based upon past experience and current beliefs. It is entirely possible to be right or correct in your own mind and dead wrong to someone else.
It is important to recognize the truth and validity in each individual’s viewpoint. Piece by piece we gather knowledge from others and add it to our own to develop a personal belief system.
Given our individual life’s circumstances, our personal backgrounds, and our past experiences, we are all trying to get through life the best we know how to.


Our physical body is our friend. Physical desires are good and sexual relationships are good. At least all of these things could be good if we allowed ourselves to have them.
By believing there is good in everyone we confront the good in ourselves.
Positive thinking colors neutral events in a positive way. Negative thinking colors neutral events in a negative way.
By now it should be clear that ALL INPUTS ARE VALID doesn’t mean total acceptance of every hair-brained idea that comes along. It means putting everything into its proper perspective. It means that everything belongs, not that everything is true.
If someone believes the world is flat, they will act as if the world is flat. If you want to deal effectively with this person you must take his beliefs into account because they guide his actions, not reality.


A second basic of chaos theory is that all things are interconnected and affect each other in a cumulative way. A minor incident may cause a more profound change in the outcome of events than ever previously considered. The efforts of one man or woman can change the world.
Events are seen as being caused by lots of “little things” instead of having just one or two causes. As this type of thinking leads to infinite regression type questions we won’t explore it any further.


Besides being the longest basic of chaos theory, this is the most important one. As Einstein pointed out to us, matter and energy are interchangeable. We can think of everything as being an energy system if we want to. The following are some examples:
If we think about something long enough and hard enough we will start to get emotional about it. Our mental energy reaches a critical stage where it becomes emotional energy.
If we get emotional enough about something we are driven to physical action. Our emotional energy reaches a critical stage where it becomes physical nerve energy.
The energy must build up to a stressful chaotic level before it can change to a more physical type of energy. If we fill our life with infinite regression type thoughts and worries the energy bleeds away uselessly and nothing gets done. We spend our lives living in our heads!
Everything follows this basic pattern of progressive growth, disillusionment or death and rebirth. Both magical and mystical traditions accept this and teach it. Conceptual initiation comes first.
The novice is expected to master the theoretical work, the dogma and special activities. This is a period of steady and progressive growth as the novice creates the tradition’s matrix within himself. He or she is creating a personal belief system based upon the teachings of the Order.
Upon mastery of the matrix or tradition the novice reaches a critical point where he can go no further. This is called the “Dark Night of the Soul” or “Crossing the Abyss” by some traditions. The new matrix is not active yet within the person because old beliefs and life styles prevent its emergence. This is a chaotic time where the ego and sense of self are totally destroyed so that they can be rebuilt and “reborn” into a newer and more satisfying structures.

They have read and studied the material but are not yet ready to commit their lives to it. This is a difficult time of tension and stress.
A person can go through many “Dark nights of the Soul” in their lifetime as they increase the quality of their life. “Born Again” Christians experience this as the ego shifts from awareness of being a physical, mortal body to an awareness of being more than a physical body, to that of being an immortal soul.
Some of us are interested in achieving “mastery” of our lives. This is the path of self empowerment and total realization of our potentials. To us this offers the ultimate in life and we are drawn toward it as a moth is drawn toward a candle flame. We do not care about the total destruction of our lives that must take place before this can be achieved. We somehow think we will be spared much of the agony, at least until it is too late.
The book of Job in the Bible has much to teach us about this experience. We will lose everything we hold dear and love and only our faith in God/dess will carry us through to the rebirth of our lives of “mastery”. This is the ultimate in life and is not for the faint hearted. The loss and agony are often absolute.

This is what the quantum leap is about as we are propelled and driven into new areas of existence we never dreamed were possible.
In summary, the new science of chaos theory can be extended from math and science into the realm of everyday life. The O.A.K. matrix given in this book makes extensive use of the basic principles of chaos theory to explain “subjective” material in a manner that is consistent with modern scientific thought.
Chaos theory itself is not as complex as many think but it does require a shift in a person’s view of the world. Instead of madness and chaos it can be a binding agent that unites science, religion, philosophy, and metaphysics together.


The most important thing to understand is that energies and stresses will grow to a chaotic and almost intolerable level before they change into a new form and become stable once more. It is the stress of living that causes growth and quantum leaps.

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OAK Energy Ball Meditation-B



    This step completes the construction of the basic “energy ball” used in the remaining steps. After visualizing the energy ball as described in the first four steps you have integrated the energy of the crown chakra and third eye chakra. These have formed a large ball of energy that is surrounding the entire head. Now visualize a second energy ball located on the thyroid glands in the center of the throat.

Spin the energy ball to help stabilize it. As before merge this second energy ball with the large one to create an even larger energy ball. This is more difficult than the earlier steps because of the sheer size of the visualization. The finished ball extends above the head a little and includes the throat area. The “phase locking” sensation may be more difficult to sense. Keep working at it until you sense all of the energies blending together. This may even seem like a fog of energy that surrounds you.
After the ability is gained to easily create this large “phase locked” energy ball there are several ways to strengthen it. My choice is to mentally rotate it from the top of the head forward like a ball rolling in front of me. This motion helps to stabilize and strengthen it.
At this point you have an energy ball made up of four different energies that have “synchronized” together as harmonics or octaves of each other. They are locked together in a “phase locked” circuit that resists change and seeks to maintain itself. Your point of awareness should be able to easily move anywhere within this ball moving from one type of energy to another.
When this point is reached there will be a permanent change taking place in your awareness. These energies will begin to bleed through into each other and open blocked energy pathways.
Your entire day will be filled with one “insight” after another in a way that is truly incredible. Your mental processes are going through a complete overhaul as you fine tune and perfect your personal belief system.
Illuminations will fill in the missing pieces for you and you will gain many useful understandings.

This “locking” together of these energies is a wonderful thing and will begin the process of regeneration within your physical body. Parts of your psyche will begin to fit together as never before.


After you have perfected the basic energy ball it is time to start working with it in a deliberate and conscious manner. Your awareness can reside in this energy ball. In a way this energy ball is an astral vehicle for your awareness. We are going to use it to open the blocked energy pathways within the body.
This energy ball is your “safe” area where you can safely come to terms with “buried” and repressed emotional baggage and trapped “black” energy. In this safe area you bring  “black” energy under conscious control. You begin by working from the top downward one layer at a time.
After forming the energy ball try to raise it as high into the spiritual light as you can. From this point on always attempt this contact with the “light” because it is your energy source. Feel your mind and awareness rise as if it is in an elevator as you raise the energy ball into the light. Move the energy ball up and down and feel your awareness move up and down with it. Get used to the feeling of your awareness rising and lowering through these different energy levels.
Next try forcing the energy ball down the spine. Because the rest of the body is not “synchronized” there will be resistance and it will not want to go very far. Make this attempt at least three times before quitting. After the third try raise the ball as high as it will go toward your “energy source”. Your energy ball will have accumulated “dark” energy and need to be purified in the light.
As the energy ball comes in contact with repressed “black” energy it grabs the black energy like a magnet. This black energy will cling to the energy ball. Only moving the energy ball back up into the light will release the black energy.
This is important because your downward efforts have loosened quite a bit of “black” energy and brought it to your awareness in a shocking manner. The spiritual or light energy helps to dissolve and neutralize the “black” energy keeping you soundly in control of those waves of emotion that will begin to wash over you later during the day.
This simple practice will release incredible amounts of trapped emotional energy allowing it to be used for other purposes. It is possible to intensify the experience by taking a deep breath and holding it while both raising the ball and forcing it downward against the resistance. Try it first without holding your breath. When you have done as much as you can move to this next step. Take your time. This may take several sessions. You are releasing toxins from the body and turning them over to your higher power.
The method I used was to inhale, hold my breath and mentally push the energy ball downward. Then I would exhale and inhale and exhale normally before repeating. This practice of holding the breath as long as comfortable is extremely powerful because it forces oxygen into the blood and then into the brain. It can easily cause dizziness and should only be used with caution by those in excellent health.
Even if done only once a day this exercise will release “trapped” emotional energy throughout the entire day as spontaneous waves that suddenly wash over you. As a result you will be very preoccupied with your personal growth and healing process. It will be a highly disruptive period but a very productive one.
As I was working through some of my “black” energy I felt what I was doing was the most important thing I had ever done in my life. I was freeing myself from past karma that had held me back my entire life. It was also the most exciting thing I had ever done and was very intense. I could feel the power flowing through me!
Early Christians called this type of experience taking away your sins or freeing yourself from your sins. They had their own method of releasing this trapped emotional energy.



   By the time you are able to move the energy ball down into the solar plexus area you will notice something very disturbing. The energy ball will go down quite easily but will tend to get “stuck” when you try to raise it back up! Some people have noticed this at the throat chakra. This indicates a deeply rooted emotional trauma that is not easily released. It is like a time bomb of toxic energy inside us waiting to go off. The best thing to do is to not force things and gently work the energy ball up and down the spine several times.

Each time the energy ball rises up the spine little slivers or splinters of “black” energy will be released. Work past the deeply buried problem area and the energy will release itself. This will probably happen as a spontaneous release of emotional weeping. As an example I was working through some childhood issues when suddenly I was overwhelmed by feelings of emotional abandonment I had experienced as a child and repressed as too painful to remember. That toxic energy had been trapped in my physical body since I was a child. This did not happen during the meditation but later during the day.
After two hours of emotional sobbing and releasing the energy I felt better than I ever had in my life. Something bad in my life was no longer there. It had been released. If this energy had not been released it would have been released in knee-jerk psychotic behaviors beyond my conscious control. This is what I mean by safely releasing the energy and working the energy ball from the top down.
This also stresses the importance of developing the energy ball as a safe area for your awareness to retreat to if it has to. From the mental perspective it is easier to deal with these emotional time-bombs we all have within us. It allows us to remain in control and “safely” experience and release that which must be experienced and released.


Continue moving the energy ball downward until it can move freely from the base of the spine to the top of the head without any restrictions or releases of “black” energy. When this has been accomplished your entire body will be phase locked with the spiritual energy source above your head.
“Spiritual energy” can now circulate freely throughout your entire body making small adjustments to increase your health and vitality. Emotional, sexual, and physical energy still can’t circulate freely because they are denser and much slower. They require much more purification. Still, now this can be safely done. The inner circuits already opened will act as emergency relief valves when pockets of denser “black” energy are activated and released.


After moving the energy ball completely up and down the spine without resistance try forcing it downward toward the center of the earth. This will tap into more “black” energy that is surrounding your environment. By releasing this energy into your awareness you are defusing potentially dangerous situations by gaining awareness of them and neutralizing the charge they carry.
This earth energy will activate more “black” energy within your body and shake it loose so you can get rid of it. As long as your energy ball is “phase locked” with the spiritual power source all released “black” energy will go upward until it comes into conscious awareness where it can be dealt with safely and harmlessly. In AA this is termed turning things over to a “Higher Power”. We are using the energy ball to do this in a more mechanical way.
There is a power point where your feet touch the earth. Create an energy ball at this point and work with it as before. There are nine chakra points. Seven are within the body. One is just above the top of the head and one is where the feet touch the earth.
With practice  you will be able to effortlessly move the energy ball deep within the earth and raise it upward as high as possible until it disappears into the “spiritual” light. Doing this will draw earth energy up into your body as a second power source. It will also create a column of light that goes from your spiritual power source down into the center of the earth to connect with your earth power source and with element #118.
This will establish a strong two way current within your physical body and anchor both power sources in a way that will make them constantly open and active. This ensures rapid growth and development as all parts of your body and psyche begin to “phase lock” together.
Only at this point is it safe to work will the strong physical and sexual energies in any serious manner.
For all practical purposes this completes the “lesser” work and begins the work of working with the dense earth energies. It took about six months for me to do. I have done it with groups of people in two hours. Working as a group makes the process much easier because you are able to draw on other groups members for help through the tough spots.
With the opening of these channels added energy flows through the body as the result of both solar and lunar influences. Now these powerful cycles are adding their energy with yours and individual progress is greatly accelerated. You become a channel for cosmic energies, solar energies and lunar energies.
When completed this meditation creates a permanent change within the energy channels of the physical body. It opens and releases blocked areas. I have done this with over sixty people in different group settings with similar results and feedback.
It is the most powerful way I know of to open the major energy channels within the body. It is also the fastest and safest.
In Masonry the “Royal Arch Degree” symbolizes what this meditation does. The mason is searching for the lost word and treasure. Among the ruins of an old building they excavate and find a hidden chamber. Beneath that chamber lies another chamber and beneath that yet another. Depending upon the variation of masonry there are seven or nine chambers that must be excavated to reach the bottom and find the lost word.
This meditation uses nine chambers, the seven within the physical body,one above the body and one beneath the body. It connects these chambers with two sources of cosmic power. Spiritual energy is tapped  as high into the light as possible to reach. We lift the energy ball into the light until the toxic energy it carries is released.
The second source of cosmic power lies at the center of the earth. We draw that up into our lives for increased health and empowerment.

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OAK Energy Ball Meditation-A

OAK Energy Ball Meditation

    Vital life energies need to circulate freely within both the physical and non-physical body before they can become integrated and function as one complete unit. These energies flow through natural circuitry within the body. This circuitry is often blocked with repressed emotional energy that is trapped within the physical body and stored there.

There are many ways to release these pockets of trapped and repressed emotional energy. Rieki or massage can do it and so can yoga or other types of physical exercise. A more gentle approach is through some type of meditation that safely brings this energy into awareness. Freud’s method of free association does this. Dianetics Book One processing does this in an even more effective manner. The OAK Energy Ball Meditation does this even more effectively.

When these circuits are fully open a form of alternating bio-electrical energy is allowed to pass through that is responsible for most psychic phenomenon and conscious awareness experiences. When the current is allowed to flow only one way as in direct current these psychic phenomena are not likely to occur.

Radio and Television are examples of modern applications using alternating current. The alternating current or sinus rhythm is pervasive within the human body. This includes brain waves, nerve energy and heart beat. It is the lower energies of fear, pain, sexual energy and anger that block these pathways and accumulate to dangerous quantities within the physical body.

It is ironic that the development of these same energies in a free flowing and healthy state bring the most power to manifest things in life. They are the energies people regard as charismatic. The development of charisma and personal magnetism depends upon the generation and accumulation of these energies and their healthy use. Training in the martial arts is an example of a method of generating and developing these energies.
The development and accumulation of physical or sexual energies is not safe until the psyche has been purged of all past repressions and “buried” traumas that form black pockets of negative energy within the body. Development of lower energies tend to activate these pockets of “black” repressed energy sometimes resulting in “knee jerk” behavior where we do and say things impulsively without even knowing we are doing or saying them. This happens when the repressed and trapped emotional energy breaks free and travels through the nervous system.
In the medical profession this is called “psychotic” behavior and is not what we want to be doing! Instead we purge these repressed energies out of our system one at a time. The safest way of doing this is working from the “top” downward.
We do this by generating “mental” or “spiritual” energy and forcing increased bio-electrical energy flow within our bodies. The OAK process is in my opinion safe enough for anyone to use. As a precaution, though, people in poor physical, mental, or emotional health should not follow any of these procedures without their doctor’s consent. I am not a doctor. The following expresses my opinion about what is happening and why it happens.
I must stress the incredible power of this method. In a matter of days we gain an increasing number of “insights” into our personal affairs. At first these will be “insights” into our personal philosophy of life as our mental outlook begins to clarify and complete itself. This happens through working with mental energies.
When our belief system is complete enough our awareness will transfer itself to the mental level permanently. From this mental level we will be able to objectively deal with the “repressed” emotional pain and trauma from the past. Moving into the mental level makes working with past emotional trauma much safer.
Our ego will be centered at the mental level where it is safe and in control. This is very important because releasing this “black” energy into awareness is very traumatic. As I went through this process I was seeing a psychologist as a precaution to ensure I was in no danger of “losing it”.
The gains and personal insights I was making at that time were so remarkable my psychologist described my personality as “fluid”! At the same time my ego was very strong and plastic and in no danger of being fragmented in any way.
Anyone can experience the same rapid personal growth and may at times be alarmed. Most of the time we will be joyous at the chance to rid ourselves of these “ghosts” from the past that prevent us from living the type of life we really want. THIS IS THE REAL THING!
This meditation purifies both the physical body and psyche so it can handle the more powerful and intense sexual and physical energies. It also opens one up to the lunar and solar cycles whereby monthly and seasonal energies are added to your own personal efforts and personal development is greatly accelerated.

This exercise should be done at least once a day and if possible twice a day. The entire exercise lasts only about ten minutes but its effects are felt throughout the day and the night in spontaneous “insights”, lucid dreaming, and a marked increase in psychic abilities in general.

Seat yourself comfortably with your spine straight and your hands resting comfortably on your lap.
Take a few deep breaths to relax and get into the right frame of mind. Close your eyes and visualize a ball of energy about four inches above your head. Keep trying until you can visualize this ball of energy easily and vividly.
The action of visualizing a ball of energy “outside” of the body is a very complex action. It involves a high degree of abstract thought and is at first very difficult. It requires a lot of energy in the head area as well as the ability to focus this energy.
The most important suggestion here is that practice makes perfect. A headache may result from this exercise if a person is not used to abstract thought of any kind. This is not serious unless it persists. A few days of not doing the exercise should correct the problem.
This exercise causes increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain and to the pituitary and pineal glands stimulating them to increased activity.
The idea of step one is to gradually strengthen these glands and increase their hormone activity. They are the master glands of the body and control other endocrine gland activity. This is the first step in increased health benefits.
Visualizing the energy ball as a rotating ball of energy helps to stabilize the visualization. Rather than clockwise or counter clockwise I always felt better rolling it like a snowball with the energy going up the back and down the front. This is similar to the way kundalini energy goes up the spine and then flows down the front of the body.

After visualizing a stable rotating ball of energy about four inches above your head, begin to visualize a second ball of energy surrounding the pineal gland in the center of the brain. This will directly stimulate the pineal gland. Simply forget about the first ball of energy and let it be. Turn your focus on creating a ball of energy right in the center of the brain.

Do the same thing as before mentally rotating it to help the energy stabilize. You may feel a strange sensation in your head as you are doing this. Increased blood flow is going to your brain. When this ball of energy is stabilized go back to the first ball of energy that is above your head and refresh it.

At first it will be difficult to visualize two energy balls at the same time. Rapidly switch awareness from one to the other until both are visualized at the same time. Continue this until both energy balls can be visualized quickly and easily. Each ball of energy is created out of a different type of energy. Take your time and make certain you are doing the meditation correctly.


With both energy balls clearly visualized try to mentally force them together into one big energy ball. At first they will resist going together because the energy is not “synchronized”. It will seem like trying to push two balloons together. You will sense the resistance. Be persistent and keep trying until both energy balls merge together into one larger energy ball.

When the energy balls do finally merge together into one big energy ball there will be a definite shift of awareness that can be felt. The center of the big energy ball will have shifted toward the back of the head and it will feel as if half of it is protruding from the top and back of the head. Before this both balls were centered on and over the middle of the head.

This will be accompanied by an intense sensation of light and energy as illumination. Some have described the sensation as getting a buzz or getting high. There will be no mistaking when the two types of energy fuse together. It is a very powerful experience. Some people have been frightened by the experience and refused to continue further with the meditation.

Now it will feel like a basketball sized energy ball is half in your head and half outside the back of your head. This feeling will be very pronounced and definite.

Two types of energy are now synchronized together and working as “one” energy. Try to maintain this “locked together” visualization as long as possible. “Spiritual” energy is directing and fusing with pineal gland energy and stimulating all of the endocrine glands in a beneficial way. The pineal gland is the master gland of the body and will begin to work with the spiritual energy and distribute it throughout the physical body.

This begins the process of physical rejuvenation and increased health with all of the glands “synchronized” and working together. This is your direct connection to “Cosmic Energy”.


After successfully visualizing the big energy ball, visualize a second energy ball centered directly behind the eyebrows where the pituitary gland or “third eye” is located. Forget about the big energy ball and focus on the new energy ball rotating it as before until it is stable.

When this is clearly visualized try to merge the two energy balls together. As before they will resist at first but when they do merge there will be a definite shift of awareness toward the center of the head. The combined energy ball will be much larger and fit around the head like a fishbowl. The sensation will not be as strong as the first time but you will be able to feel the separate energies fuse into one single energy.

A distinct awareness of a very large energy ball that extends around the head will result. With this experience will come the absolute certainty that the pituitary and pineal glands are “phase locked” together with the third “spiritual” energy. This is the formation of a resonant circuit within the brain itself! It will try to maintain itself through the day. This is the reason for the incredible gains of this method. After a few successful attempts this will be a permanent change.

The “phase locked” condition also causes the “master glands” to work together more closely than ever before. This alters the operation of the endocrine glands in a more harmonious way causing subtle changes throughout the entire body and releasing trapped “black” energy.

A few successful attempts will result in a permanent change with all three types of energy “phase locked” together. At first it was hard to merge them. Now it will be hard to separate them from each other.

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Duality-Sexual Alchemy Part 2

6. At this point it is time for him to slack off and forget about romance for awhile. He should just enjoy her company and share social activities with her. They are going to have a child together.
Sensual pursuits are fun. As he turns the power down she relaxes and they both turn to a life of total hedonism and enjoyment. She enjoys his company and needs his energy but only a little at a time.

After a while she craves larger and larger doses of his raw energy. She learns how to deal with it effectively. It begins to give her power and energy and she can return some of it back to him in a new form.

7. He thinks seriously about forming a permanent relationship with her. He pours his energy and vigor out to her with an intensity that borders on insanity because it is so strong.
As she receives his energy she becomes completely self-centered. This is the only way she can effectively direct the forces he is generating. She has to be in total control, there can be no weakness. She uses her will to focus his energy toward those things she desires.

8. As she takes total control he begins to suspect she doesn’t love him, that she is just using him to get what she wants. What about the things he wants? He has to fight these doubts and be patient with her at this time. All she seems to care about is the child.
The entire world spreads out before her. She can carve out of it whatever she will. She can use him and his energies as she wishes to achieve her dream. There is no mental hesitation or uncertainty. She goes for the achievement of her dream. She is having a baby!

9. He seems to be only a servant to her but then he remembers that is what he wanted to be. She is the Goddess. He wanted to build her dream for her and now she is using his energy to do just that! Working together they are both achieving those things they wished for. This is the beginning of high magic. They are making a family.

She is the Goddess, a force of nature, unstoppable. She perceives the karmic need for excitement, thrills, and vitality. She knows when to support him and when to bitch at him to get him fired up enough to do something. She gives him inspiration and takes from him what she needs.

10. Blinded by his love for her he sacrifices himself. He projects everything he has and is into her. He is free of all personal desires and plunges into spiritual death and rebirth.
She accepts his sacrifice. She embraces all that he is and resolves to make him complete in all things. It will take all of her power to completely contain his expansive energies but she sacrifices everything she is to do this.

11. They merge. They are one. They are a single unit, a new being. There are no barriers between them. They have become one soul and one family.

12. Their entire personal universe is now recreated on all levels in their image. All is realized, all is complete.

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